Let's face it, we all play the lottery looking for huge lotto winnings. There's the fun, the excitement, the adrenaline, but at the end of the day, it's all about finding those huge lottos, and winning huge jackpots to boot!

That's exactly what a syndicate of bowling friends from Hartlepool, England did recently, when they scored a win of over £300,000 on a recent Lotto draw - going to prove that the group that plays together, wins together!

Another huge lotto win for a lucky syndicate

These days we seem to be reading more and more stories about lottery syndicates cleaning up in the huge lotto stakes. Whether it's to do with people wanting to split the cost of their tickets, increase their chances of winning or share the huge lotto love with family and friends, syndicates are becoming an increasingly popular way of not just playing the lotto, but of winning it too.

That's exactly the experience that a group of bowling friends had recently, after winning a huge £343,643 in the UK National Lottery. Made up of nine friends and appropriately named League Bowlers, the syndicate was able to match five numbers and the Bonus Ball for a win of more than £38,000 each!

This team of amateur bowlers from Mill House Bowls Club in Hartlepool haven't just been playing bowls together - they've been playing for huge lottos together too, having formed their syndicate back in 1994. And now, almost 20 years later, their love for the game has paid out huge lotto dividends - so much so that many of the members were in shock when the good news was revealed.

Syndicate bowled over by huge lotto win

It was up to syndicate leader and club steward, Philip Quinn, to check the tickets the day after the draw as usual - although on this fateful day, the results were anything but ordinary. “I couldn’t believe it,” says Quinn. “As soon as it was confirmed, I called everyone to let them know. Some of the lads were that shocked by the news that they had to take the rest of the day off.”

winning lottery syndicate league bowlers

After checking and re-checking the group's numbers, he called the lottery operator to verify the validity of their ticket - only to have his winning suspicions confirmed. “As you can imagine, we were very protective of the actual ticket", he says. "I don’t think we slept for worrying we’d lose it! [My wife] kept it under her pillow the whole time.”

Plans for the money are still tentative at the moment, but travel is on the cards for many of the syndicate members, as is a future free from financial worries. As Quinn says, "The win won’t change any of us – we’re all still going to stay in work, stay bowling and stay playing the lottery every week – but without any financial stress hanging over our heads.” Amen to that!

Win huge lottos yourself as part of a syndicate

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