If we ever forgot for a minute that our business is lotteries, all we'd have to do would be to check our inbox. That baby is jammed with lottery emails from morning to night - notifications on lottery draws, jackpot rollovers, lucky number matches, instant wins, and our absolute favourites - rags to riches lottery-winning stories!

But would you believe that with every lottery-winning story that comes through to our inbox, there are just as many reports that flood in of jackpots going begging? That's right - bizarrely enough there are lottery players out there who dutifully buy their tickets for huge jackpot draws, then promptly forget all about their purchases and go about their business, blithely unaware that the scrunched up scrap of paper in their wallet/couch/underwear drawer is now worth millions!

In our time as part of the lottery industry, we've heard it all - tickets misread, thrown away, forgotten in jeans pockets, the lot. The amount of times we've had a lottery nailbiter (what we've taken to calling them) come through, you think we'd be used to them by now. But the most recent story to hit our inbox has even us on the edge of our seats, desperate to find out whether the lottery winner will claim their fortune in time, or miss out on their one-way ticket to lifelong luxury and financial freedom!

Wanted: $50 million lottery winner!

Yup, you read right - in British Columbia, Canada, there's a lottery ticket out there that's worth a colossal $50 million, and it's yet to be handed in by its lucky owner. But what makes this story all the more gripping is that if the jackpot winner isn't found by 14 March 2015 (five days' time!) the prize will expire, and be returned to the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation’s pot to be redistributed in the form of prizes and promotions.

More often than not these stories have a happy ending - sooner or later the dazed owner realises that the ticket gathering dust on their mantelpiece isn't as innocent as it seems, and hands it in in more than enough time to claim their prize. But this Canadian jackpot story has been doing the rounds for 11 months, becoming more mysterious with every retelling and giving rise to more outlandish theories with every day the prize goes unclaimed. Was the winner a minor? Did the winner pass away before being able to claim their jackpot? Is the ticket perhaps sitting in storage, or in a rubbish bin somewhere, idling away time while the clock ticks down?

One thing's for sure, there are no second chances when it comes to lottery prizes. If you don't claim your jackpot before the expiry date, the money goes back into the pot, tantalising you with visions of what could have been. And with just five days left for the lucky winner to claim their jackpot, that scenario is becoming more and more of a reality. Will the lottery winner claim their massive jackpot in time? The suspense is killing us!

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