Flying High – The Etihad Airways $40K First Class Plane Ticket

If you’re anything like us, the thought of flying first class is the ultimate indulgence and the last word in luxury. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve dreamed of it – settling back in those ultra-large seats, putting our feet up, drinking free champagne from crystal flutes, ordering our three-course fine dining meal from a menu (a menu!) and then reclining back 180˚ and enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep. Pure bliss, at 30,000 feet.

This is not our normal experience of flying on a plane. No, usually we’re shoehorned into a seat the size of a sardine can, offered a choice of sweaty chicken or dodgy-looking beef, given a cup of lukewarm wine (yum) and invited to spend the night tossing and turning against a scratchy pillow while trying to drown out the 19 screaming children who happen to be seated RIGHT NEXT TO US. There’s a word we can think of to describe it, and it’s not ‘fun’. Although it does start with an ‘F’.

That’s why if we ever win the lottery, the first thing we’re doing is splurging on a first-class plane ticket somewhere. Right now we’re not too fussy about the destination (Hawaii? The Bahamas? Mauritius?) but there’s one airline that we absolutely have to travel on – and that’s Etihad Airways. Sure the first-class tickets cost $40,000 each, but what do we care – we just won a bajillion dollars on the lottery and we’ve got money to burn!

A level of luxury that’s sky-high

First-class on the Etihad Airways Airbus A380 isn’t just any first-class. It’s so swanky it’s even got its own name – The Residence. And just reading about it makes us want to reside there permanently.

For starters, as a guest at The Residence, you won’t have to do anything as mundane as handle your own luggage. That’s all taken care of for you, quietly and discreetly. Fascinating what money can buy!

Etihad Airways The Residence

And what it can buy you on the Airbus A380 is space, and lots of it. Once you’re on board this 600-seater, double-decker liner, filled with only the wealthiest of passengers, you’ll be taken to your private suite (we’re getting chills just thinking about it) via a network of multiple hallways. We’re going to say that again for effect. Multiple. Hallways. And when you finally arrive, you may never want to leave. That’s because not only will you have a spacious bedroom with a 27-inch TV and double bed to call your own, you’ll also have your very own living room, complete with leather sofas, a massive tv, a fridge filled with champagne, and an on-call butler ready to cater to your every whim. Meaning that if you decide you absolutely have to have both green and black olives in your pre-flight martini, he’s the one who’ll be running off to get them for you. Ah, the joys of having millions upon millions in the bank!

Every indulgent convenience you can think of

If there’s one thing we loathe about flying economy, it’s that awkward trip to the teeny-tiny bathroom – the one where you have to decide whether you’ll be giving the people you’re squeezing past a view of your butt or your crotch. It’s enough to make you want to hold it for the entire flight.

Luckily with Etihad Airways you don’t have to, because in first-class you don’t just have your own bedroom and living room to enjoy – you have your very own private bathroom as well! Connected to your bedroom and completely private, your in-flight bathroom comes with its own shower, and its own sense of relief too – no more walk of shame needed!

Right now the Etihad Airways Airbus A380, with its pre-flight massages and gourmet food and drinks selection is the stuff that only indulgent dreams are made of. But if (sorry, when) we win the lottery, it’s the very first, first-class experience we’ll be spending our multi-millions on. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your tray tables up and move your seat backs into the upright position. Your journey to wonderland is about to begin!

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