Friday 29 September Is Another Euromillions Superdraw?

On Friday 29 September there is a special draw of the Euromillions lottery called Superdraw. After the Tuesday 26 September draw, the jackpot will be increased to 130 million no matter how high it is then.

What is the Euromillions superdraw?

A EuroMillions Superdraw is a special draw that guarantees a nine-digit jackpot, usually €130 million, regardless of whether the top prize was won in the previous draw. These jackpot events take place two or three times a year. Their date is not communicated directly. If the jackpot is not won on Friday, it will rise further to a maximum of €240 million.

Who finances the super jackpot?

The participating countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK) all contribute to the prize pool, helping to fund the huge jackpots. It is funded by setting aside a percentage of ticket sales from previous regular draws. This ensures that the prize pool rises to an amount that can literally change lives.

Who were the winners of the other superdraws in 2023?

There were two memorable Euromillions SuperJackpot draws in 2023 that dominated the news and the public's imagination across Europe.

2 June 2023: A British Dream Come True

On 2 June 2023, there was a Superdraw with an insane jackpot of €130 million (£111 million). Unlike many other Superdraws, no rollover was required. A British ticket holder hit the jackpot and instantly became a multimillionaire. It was the kind of story that appeals to people because it embodies the ultimate lottery dream: buying a single ticket and instantly winning the top prize, without the jackpot rolling over to the next draw.

3 March 2023: The Belgian player who won 144 million

A few months earlier, on 3 March 2023, the EuroMillions experienced a different kind of drama. For the fourth Superdraw in a row, there was no winner on the night itself. The prize money rolled over to the next draw. But then the unthinkable happened: a Belgian player won €144 million in the next draw. This was an exceptional case of a rollover that created an even bigger prize pool, suddenly making a Belgian citizen one of the financial elite.

Both 2023 events highlighted the unpredictability and huge appeal of the EuroMillions SuperJackpot. Whether you live in the UK and win your fortune in one go, or in Belgium and benefit from a rollover, the SuperJackpot remains a phenomenon that can change lives and fulfil dreams.

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