What's everyone up to this weekend? Going for dinner, going clubbing, meeting up with friends, or maybe even just putting your feet up and having a close personal relationship with your couch? Well, we thought we'd be the first to tell you - no matter what you're doing or where you're going, you can still take all of your favourite heart-pounding lottery action with you.

Just buy your lottery ticket online from, keep an eye on your Friday or Saturday night draws online, and you could be one of our next big winners! No going into shops to buy your ticket, and no sitting in front of the TV watching your draw. Just pure 24/7 online lottery excitement wherever you are. Now that's what we call convenience!

Play for huge US lottery jackpot wins this weekend

If you don't already have "PLAY LOTTERY" on your weekend to-do list, you'll want to add it in quickly. That's because whether you prefer your lottery jackpot paid out in dollars, pounds or Euros, there's everything to play for over the next few days.

Take the US Mega Millions lottery for example. If you've been looking for a multi-million dollar payout, then today could be your lucky day. That's because this mega jackpot has not seven, not eight, but NINE figures to give away in Friday night's lottery draw! It might sound like a dream, but let us assure you, every cent of this $127 million jackpot is a reality - and it's one that could be bringing your fantasies of luxury and wealth to life in just a few short hours. All you need is five numbers and one Mega Ball, and you could soon be on Forbes' list of the world's wealthiest people! So if you've got five minutes to spare today, put them to good use by buying a Mega Millions ticket online from It could be the most rewarding decision you ever make!

Staying with the US lotteries, the Powerball is also set to pay out a pretty penny when the draw takes place on Saturday evening. Buy your lucky ticket in time, and you'll be in line for a sweet $80 million payout - more than enough for a new house, car, exotic vacation and lifelong luxury!

Strike it rich this weekend with the UK and European lotteries

The same goes for the lotteries across the pond - big numbers and big payouts too! Get your ticket into the EuroMillions jackpot draw tonight, and you could be celebrating your biggest TGIF party ever with a massive €70 million prize! And over on the UK National Lottery, your payday looks just as promising with a very handy £4.1 million up for grabs!

So this weekend, in between your post-work drinks, restaurant visits, cinema trips and other welcome distractions, don't forget to pay a visit as well. We've got all your lottery tickets ready and prepped, we've got all the biggest jackpots for you to win, and we've got all your dreams of luxury just waiting to be made a reality!

Play Safely From Home In The Globe's Biggest Jackpots

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