How to Play Mega-Sena

How To Play Mega Sena Lotto Online

Click to open the Mega Sena Lotto Ticket page in a new tab and follow along with these steps to enter one of the world biggest jackpots online.

Step 1. Open Your Giant Lottos Account

The first step on your winning journey will be to register a free Giant Lottos online account.

Registering your Giant Lottos account is quick and easy.

First, you need to complete the registration form by providing a few personal details such as your name, email address and country of residence.

This is done to create your online player profile and makes it easier for us to process your winnings and to complete your payout more quickly.

After you have completed the registration form you will then need to verify your email address.

You do this by checking the inbox of the email address that you provided on registration, open the email from Giant Lottos and click on the verification link.

Step 2. Playing Your Mega Sena Lottery Tickets Online

1. Choose your favoured game play option: Quick Pick or Manual. The Quick Pick option uses our SUPA-QP number technology to pick your winning numbers. While the Manual option allows you to pick your own set of lucky numbers.

2. If you’d like to go with Quick Pick, you first need to choose to purchase 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 tickets, and then your lotto numbers will be automatically selected for you using the SUPA-QP number technology.

3. If you’d rather pick your own numbers then the Manual option is for you, simply pick any 5 main numbers between 1 and 50, and then 2 Lucky Stars between 1 and 12, for each Mega Sena ticket you buy. Remember to check our Winning Tips page for the best strategy when it comes to picking numbers that win.

4. You can choose the number of draws you would like to enter once you’re happy with your numbers. Remember that the more draws you play in the better your chances are of winning a prize. PS: Did you know that by selecting the "20 draws" option you’ll instantly receive a 5% discount? Nice!

5. After you've decided on a purchasing option, click on ‘Checkout’. Afterwards, you will be able to check your tickets in your Shopping Cart, and make any last-minute changes should you wish. The tickets for all of your selected draws can be found in the Shopping Cart before finalising your payment.

6. Once you've finalised your purchase for your Mega Sena tickets, simply click on the ‘Checkout’ button in the Shopping Cart, and you’ll instantly be entered into the next Mega Sena draw!

All the best!

Step 3. Wait For The Draw And Check Your Results

After you have paid for your Mega Sena tickets you will automatically be entered into the upcoming Mega Sena draws.

Now all you need to do is wait for the draw to take place, and to keep an eye on your email for the Giant Lottos results mail. We automatically send this mail to all players who have bought tickets.

This email will also notify you of any prizes that you have won.

Players can check all the latest Mega Sena results for recent draws directly from the Mega Sena results page.

Step 4. Collect Your Winnings!

So you’ve matched enough lucky numbers to win a prize, congratulations! In order to withdraw your winnings simply send an email to [email protected] and include your name and the amount you would like to withdraw.

After you have requested a withdrawal we will begin the process and your winnings will be available to you within 5 working days.

As a part of our anti-money laundering policy we may request official documents, such as your proof of identity, before we can start the withdrawal process.

P.S: If you’re lucky enough to win a big tier-2 prize or the jackpot our legal representatives will be in contact with you to facilitate your life-changing payout!

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