How to Play SuperEnaLotto Syndicate
Step By Step to SuperEnaLotto Syndicate Purchase

1. Each week, Giant Lottos purchases 30 tickets, made up of 300 shares, 100 shares for Tuesday draw, 100 shares for Thursday draw and 100 shares for Saturday SuperEnaLotto draw.

2. To play in the SuperEnaLotto Syndicate, simply choose how many shares you would like to purchase and select the number of weeks you would like to play (there are 3 SuperEnaLotto draws per week).

3. As soon as you make your purchase, you’ll receive a notification email confirming your entry into the SuperEnaLotto Syndicate. You’ll also be able to view the complete list of 10 tickets available per each syndicate draw, and download your e-ticket receipt as a PDF, simply by accessing your Transaction History.

Click here for a guide on how to play with Giant Lottos or go straight to the SuperEnaLotto Syndicate page here.