How many times have you sat watching the spectators at your favourite sporting events thinking, "How many lotteries did they have to win to get there"? We're not talking about your regular game of footie down at the local park. We're talking about the big guns of sport - the Wimbledon Men's Final, the FIFA World Cup Final, the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, the US Masters, the Superbowl. All packed with eager spectators, and usually way beyond our reach.

It's not just the ticket (which could set you back the price of a kidney in some cases) - it's the associated costs too. Flights, accommodation, transport, food, entertainment - with so many extra expenses to take care of, watching one sporting event could cost the equivalent of two months' salary in the end. Which means in most cases you literally have to win the lotto to be able to afford it.

But wouldn't it be worth it though? To sit in the front row at a football game, boxing match, tennis championship, watching the world's best take each other on in a once-in-a-lifetime display of sporting prowess. If you're a true sports fan, there can be nothing more exhilarating - and nothing more defeating when you realise you don't have the funds to make your spectator and supporter dreams come true. So perhaps it is time to start playing the lotto - to start making your sporting bucket list come true, and to start attending the world's most expensive sporting events, such as:

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - $513.00/Ticket

Fancy watching the greats of Formula 1 go head-to-head as they race around the track? If you do, you'll have to be prepared to pay for the privilege, particularly if you've got the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in your sights. At $513 a ticket, it's the most expensive race on the circuit, particularly when you factor in travelling costs and living expenses. But when you've got millions in lotto cash to your name, it's cheap at the price.

giant lottos abu dhabi grand prix

Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez - $30,940/Ticket

Were you in the front row at the MG Grand to watch Floyd Mayweather take on Canelo Alvarez? We're guessing at $30,940 a ticket, probably not. Mayweather won by decision, but there's no telling who'll be the champion when he takes on Manny Pacquiao in May this year, again in Las Vegas. If you win the lotto by then, you should have no trouble coming up with the $250,000 credit line needed for ringside seats. See you there!

giant lottos floyd mayweather fight

Wimbledon 2013 Men’s Finals - $65,000/Ticket

What goes best with strawberries and cream? Wimbledon, of course, and more specifically, the Men's Final. If you'd been eating one of the world's favourite teatime treats at the 2013 final between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic, you'd have had to pay up to $65,000 for the pleasure. Of course victory would have tasted sweet at any price for UK tennis fans, as Murray became the first player from Great Britain to win the Men's Singles title in 77 years.

giant lottos wimbledon final

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These exclusive sporting events may be in the past, but there are plenty more waiting in the future - plenty more matches, games and tournaments for you to see, and plenty more sporting action for you to experience right from the front row. So what are you waiting for? Make your wildest sporting fantasies come true right now with a ticket from GiantLottos.com you international lottery ticket advisor! Just one big win is all it takes, and you could soon be cheering on your favourite team or sporting hero live and in person. Olé, olé olé!


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