Lottery gran sells infamous washing machine

Does the name Susanne Hinte mean anything to you? What if we were to say Lotto gran Susanne Hinte? Washing machine? £33 million? Starting to ring a bell?

If you're beginning to dimly recall the story, it's because the saga of Susanne Hinte and the washing machine was one that took the lotto world by storm earlier this year, causing a flurry of headlines, speculation and finger pointing - and it's one that we now hope is finally over after the recent events that have just come to light.

Winnings that came out in the wash

It feels like years ago but in fact it's been just a few short months since now infamous Susanne Hinte first came to our attention, following a huge £66 million lottery jackpot draw. Claiming to be in possession of one of the two confirmed winning tickets, Susanne submitted her alleged £33 million winner for confirmation, although with one slight problem. The date and barcode were obscured, due to the ticket having mistakenly been put through the wash.

While lotto fans both in the UK and worldwide waited breathlessly for her claims to be validated, the story captured the imagination of the public, with one camp empathising with her misfortune, and another doubting the validity of her claims in the first place.

The verification process seemed to take forever, but eventually the lottery operator broke the news - Susanne's ticket was a fake. If the media frenzy surrounding the submission of her ticket had been substantial, the attention Susanne received upon the news of her fraudulent claim was nothing short of chaotic.

Despite insisting her mistake had been an innocent one, Susanne found herself hounded by the media, much to her dismay. "I am sorry for what has happened", she says. "My life has been taken away from me. No amount of money I could ever get could make up for what has happened."

For sale: One infamous washing machine

While Susanne's story is still fresh in lottery players' minds, and many sceptics still doubt her claims of innocence, the lotto gran is doing her best to put the incident behind her - now having gone so far as to put the washing machine that started it all up for sale on eBay.

"It’s caused so much trouble", says a friend. "I think she’s glad to see the back of the thing." Having been bought by a Kidderminster woman for £150, the infamous washing machine is now out of Susanne's life for good, no longer a reminder of the unfortunate lotto episode. "I hope that selling the machine and donating the money will mean I can get my life back", says Susanne. Although whether Susanne's story will fade from the public eye is yet to be seen - as reports reveal that the lotto gran is in talks to appear in the next series of Celebrity Big Brother. Cashing in on her new-found infamy or looking to set the story straight? Only time will tell.

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