Lottery Winner Keeps Real Job

Many of us have dreams of living life large and luxuriously when we win the lottery - resigning from our jobs the instant we hear the news and spending the rest of our days on a yacht or an island or a hot air balloon somewhere. But believe it or not, some lottery winners want to live simple lives, reconnecting with family and friends, staying close to their roots and living in the real world.

However sometimes simple dreams are the hardest to make a reality, as 19-year-old Jane Park recently found out. Two years ago, Jane made headlines as one of Britain's youngest UK lottery winners ever, with an astonishing win of £1 million at the age of just 17. What made her story even more remarkable is that her jackpot was won from her very first lottery ticket ever bought. Talk about beginner's luck!

How to spend a one million pound jackpot

After filling her bank account with zeroes, Jane filled her time with a night shift job in a taxi office - however her days were spent splurging on high-end purchases. She immediately bought a luxurious three-bedroomed house for herself, enjoyed time off on exotic overseas holidays, and even treated herself to a pair of 36FF breast enhancements, fulfilling a lifelong dream at the same time.

uk lottery winner jane park

Jane's spectacular win was also televised in a BBC documentary, Teenage Millionaire: The Year I Won the Lottery, in which she was filmed for a year after her win, building better relationships with her drug addict parents and going on holiday with her mother.

It was during this time that Jane realised what was most important in her life - not living in fancy houses, but making lasting connections with family and friends. In fact, Jane's commitment to her family was so strong that she eventually left her luxurious house, moving back home to live with her mother.

“Even though I’ve won this money, I’ve still got the same feelings and emotions as everyone else", says Jane. “There’s a quote that I saw and it’s quite good. It said ‘Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy you a jetski and have you ever seen someone being sad on a jetski?’. But money can’t buy you love. It can’t buy you friends — true friends. It can’t buy you a family. I’m from a council estate. Niddrie’s not exactly Beverley Hills. It’s not full of £1m houses and everybody driving Porsches.

“That’s just not my upbringing. There was not a person in my community that didn’t have problems. I don’t want sympathy and I don’t want people feeling sorry for me. I’m just normal.”

In fact, Jane has been so determined to live a "normal" life, away from the spotlight and million-pound luxury, that she recently took up a job in a local fish n' chip shop. Sadly though, despite her attempts to regain normalcy, her actions have made her the victim of online trolls - people attacking her for her choices through her Twitter account, and making her re-entry into normal life a challenging and difficult one.

Jane remains upbeat through the chaos, however, determined not to let her lottery win define her, and intent on investing in the one commodity that pays the biggest and most rewarding returns - family.

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