Lottery Winners Spread Some Christmas Cheer

Let's imagine for a minute that you won the lottery. There you are, watching the tv, when all of a sudden the lottery results come up, and OHMYGOODNESS you're a winner! Let's even say you won the upcoming EuroMillions jackpot of £30 million. That there is a sizable win. Do you even know what you would do with that amount of money? (Not that we spend hours staring into space daydreaming about it, because we don't, we absolutely don't.)

There are of course the usual expenditures - paying off any loans, settling any bills or debts, just to help you start with a financial clean slate. Then there's the obvious, particularly if you have a family - a new car, a new house, your children's education, and the obligatory trip away to somewhere fabulous. And when you come back? Maybe you quit your job and start doing something you've always dreamed of. Or perhaps you do nothing at all. Or maybe even you love your job so much that you stay, secure in the knowledge that your financial future is taken care of for life.

The point is that nowhere on that list is "do stuff for other people" other than your family members and maybe a few close friends. Certainly with the amount of time we spend mentally dividing up our £30 million jackpot (ok, you caught us), very little of it goes towards helping others. And maybe that's something we should change - going from a MINE ALL MINE attitude, to at least using a portion of any jackpot winnings to help those less fortunate than us, particularly at this time of year.

It may seem like an unusually selfless act, but that's exactly what Lotto winners Carl and Donna Trainer did with a portion of their £541 609 jackpot from January of this year. Rather than spending it all on themselves, they generously set aside a portion to donate to a pet charity, in the form of dog beds and gifts.

After choosing the Little Darlings charity shop and animal rescue centre as the recipient of their donation, the Trainers went to town on doggy surprises, first buying beds for a number of dogs, then filling them with much-needed gifts like pet food, accessories and toys. All presents were given to owner, Maria Miller, who will be selling them from her Little Darlings shop, with all proceeds going to re-homing sick, homeless and abused animals.

Acknowledging it as a first for the centre, Ms Miller was overjoyed at the donation. "We are fortunate to be so well supported by our local community, in all manner of ways, but I have to admit this is the first time we have received a visit from National Lottery winners", she said. And as for the Trainers? Their joy came from spreading a little Christmas cheer where it was most needed.

If you'd like to do the same (we certainly do after having read that), then there's only one way to go about it - by buying a lottery ticket online from The EuroMillions lottery will be taking place tonight, with a cool £30 million up for grabs, while tomorrow's UK National Lottery has a jackpot of £14.7 million that MUST be won. More than someone else's come true at the same time!

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