How would you react if you won the lottery? Let's visualise it. You're sitting in front of the tv, watching the draw. The first ball drops, then the second - and with each number that comes up, you realise theexact same number is on the ticket in front of you. The last ball comes down and OH MY WORD every number is a match! How do you react in that moment? Do you sit there stunned? Start screaming and shouting? Pop a bottle of champagne and get the party started?

We know how we'd react - and hysterical screeching is most definitely a part of it. Just thinking about all that money and all those dreams about to come true gets our excitement reflex going. We're sure there's a bit of the same in you too. But believe it or not, there are some lottery winners out there who are able to keep their cool under the weight of such a life-changing win. And being able to keep your head when all about you are losing theirs is probably what has helped these winners make such measured, responsible choices about what to do with their new-found winnings.

New Zealand family takes million-dollar win in their stride

Take the South Island family from Hotikaka in New Zealand, for example. Whereas others would have gone mental at the news of winning $6.5 million on the Powerball First Division, this family played it ultra-cool instead. Determined not to let their massive win change them, the family are keeping their spending low-key. "We're going to keep day to day life pretty normal [and] won't be jetting off anywhere. We're feeling pretty calm about it all to be honest," they say.

The employees at the store where their winning ticket was bought confirm the family's laid-back attitude. "You would never have known they'd just won $6.5 million", says one.

As for what they plan on doing with the money, keeping it in the family is their number one priority.

"It's a really good feeling to be able to help family. This will help everyone set themselves up." And when asked how they truly feel about having hit the big one? "It's just a bit of excitement," they say. "After all, you never know your luck." That's some luck! We don't know if we'd ever be able to play it that cool, but well done to them!

Lottery winner keeps on trucking

The same goes for Yukoner David Harper, who recently won over $3.5 million in a December lottery draw. The initial shock is still with him it seems, as he says he's still waiting to wake up.

david harper

No manic spending or celebrating is on the cards for this matter-of-fact winner - instead he's planning on putting a new roof on his house, becoming debt-free and planning for his two daughters' future. In fact, David's head is on so straight that he's even continuing to work at his truck driver job for a further six months before handing in his notice.

"It's only $3.5 million; it's not $35 million. I've told people this. If it had been $35 million, that's a whole new ball game", he says. With that healthy attitude, we highly doubt we'll ever see David's name on a "what not to do" lottery article down the line.

Everyone feels differently about winning the lottery and everyone has different plans for how they'll spend their winnings - but if there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that the more level-headed and responsible you are, the more likely you are to live the life you've always wanted.

Start that journey today, with one simple action - buying a lottery ticket and choosing your luck lotto numbers online from You'll never know how you'll feel about winning unless you take that first step - and if the day comes when you do win, feel free to shout it from the rooftops as loudly as you want to. We know we would!

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