Lotto Winners Pay Jackpot Forward

Most of us upon winning the lotto would immediately draw up a list of things to buy and debts to pay off. Not so with Derek Daniels and his daughter Lorraine, who, upon winning a £729,026 lotto jackpot have instead decided to give back to the community that has given them so much. An honourable gesture, and one that's already making headlines for its selfless gratitude.

Playing to win, week after week

While Derek and Lorraine were regular lotto players, using the same set of numbers every week, they never quite expected to win - although they were over the moon when they discovered their good luck. Lorraine recalls, “It was just before eight when dad called and my immediate thought was something had happened to mum but all he said was ‘what are your Lottery numbers?’ To be honest I thought he was going potty but he told me to sit down and then said, ‘you’ve won the Lottery’ - then it was me who went slightly potty!”

And their good luck charm? Lorraine's daughter Lotus, on whom their lucky numbers were based. Playing a combination of numbers made up of Lotus's birth date, weight, and delivery room, Derek and Lorraine eventually struck it rich with a £729,026 fortune that couldn't have gone to a more deserving family.

Derek Daniels Lottery Winner

After suffering from seizures a few weeks after her birth seven years ago, Lotus eventually underwent dramatic surgery at Great Ormond Street hospital, where half of her brain was removed in an effort to curb her debilitating seizures. While today Lotus is learning to walk and communicate in sign language, she nevertheless needs full-time care, which Lorraine has been providing. Money to pay for Lotus' special needs has been tight, however the Daniels' lotto win has helped to provide some much-needed relief.

“We were sitting there somewhere between stunned and crazy!" says Derek. "We kept thinking about all the things that were now possible and how all our heartache and worry for Lotus’ future was over. Making that call was wonderful but even after it had been confirmed we were still in absolute shock, going through every magical how, what, why and when to spend. I don’t know how many cups of tea and coffee we went through but it was a very memorable moment for a dad to share with his daughter and believe me, we’ve shared many memorable moments!”

Giving back to those in need

While Lorraine already has some plans for her share of the jackpot, including a holiday to Spain for her and Lotus, her first move will be to give back to the community that has helped her and her daughter so generously.

“Lotus has always slept with me, originally so that I was there to manage the seizures and since her miracle recovery, in case she falls out of bed and can’t call for me", explains Lorraine. "I couldn’t afford the specialist bed so the community was amazing and recently raised enough money for us to order it. Who would have thought that when we placed that order, before the bed had even arrived, I would have won the Lottery and can now pay back the community so the money can go to another worthy cause.”

A huge congratulations to a more than deserving family - even more so for spreading their good fortune and paying their blessings forward. If you'd like to do the same, GiantLottos is always here to help. Simply buy your tickets online using your own lucky number combination and who knows - you could soon have the opportunity not just to bank multi-millions but to share them as well. Good luck!

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