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€4 Million

Next Draw Date: 24-06-2024
£4.49 per ticket

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Draw Days: Monday | Wednesday | Saturday

How Old Is The France Loto?

This one has to be one of the oldest lotteries around, with it’s roots in France dating back nearly 500 years. King Francis is thought to have brought the lottery to France in the 1600s and since then has changed to come and resemble the double-matrix France Loto we know today.

How Big Is France Loto Jackpots?

The biggest lottery game in France, the France Loto has created more than 7,000 millionaires in just over a decade and given out more than 4 billion francs in prizes. To date the biggest France Loto jackpot ever won was a staggering €24 million.

Who Can Play France Loto?

Thanks to the Giant Lottos online ticketing service, players from around the world can buy tickets for the France Loto. You can buy France Loto tickets online through the dedicated France Loto page on the Giant Lottos for the upcoming draws.

How Do You Know If You Win France Loto?

Players will be notified of their France Loto win via an email sent by Giant Lottos. The France Loto results will be emailed prior to any emails notifying you of your win.

Play The France Loto Online In A Few Easy Steps:

1. First, decide if you would like to purchase your tickets with Manual or Quick Pick.

2. If you would like the Quick Pick option, simply choose how many tickets you would like to buy and our system will autogenerate your number picks.

3. Using the Manual option will let you pick your own lucky numbers for the upcoming France Loto draw. Choose five numbers between 1 - 49 and one ‘Lucky Number’ between 1 - 10.

4. After picking your lucky numbers it’s time to decide on how many tickets you would like to buy. You can choose Single Play, 5 draws, 10 draws or 20 draws.

5. Now that you’ve finalised your tickets you can click the ‘Checkout’ button. You can view all of your tickets in your Shopping Cart.

6. After clicking ‘Checkout’ you will be entered into the upcoming France Loto draw and notified of the results via email after the draw!

Visit our how to play France Loto page for even more information.

Avoid Using Your Birthday

This is a strategy used by plenty of lottery players, but because you are limiting yourself to a 1 - 31 number range. This means you are drastically reducing your odds of winning.

Remember Your Tickets!

You can’t win it if you’re not in it so always remember to get your tickets! At Giant Lottos you have the option of buying your tickets online for draws weeks in advance.

Pick A Variety Of Numbers.

Many times players will use a strategy of picking only odd numbers, only even numbers, and only high or low numbers. This strategy should be avoided as less than 5% of jackpots ever won have featured numbers using these patterns. Always spread your numbers out as much as possible.

What Are The France Loto Payout Options?

Any France Loto winnings will reflect in your Giant Lottos online account after the draw has taken place. If you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot, a Giant Lottos advisor will contact you directly to give you the good news!

Can I buy France Loto Tickets Outside Of France?

Yes! Thanks to Giant Lottos unique online ticketing service, players from around the world can play the France Loto online and collect winnings in their home country.

How Much Does A France Loto Ticket Cost?

The price of France Loto tickets may change depending on how the official lottery adjusts the ticket price. Check the dedicated France Loto page on Giant Lottos for the current France Loto ticket prices.

Buying France Lotto Tickets Online

Buying your lottery tickets online means that you will have access to international lotteries that may not be available in your home country. When you buy your France Loto tickets online you can always be sure that you will be entered into the upcoming France Loto draw.

See our France Loto page to purchase your tickets and to get further information on the France Loto such as the jackpot size and the next draw date.

Check France Lotto Results

Checking your France Loto results is quick and easy. To check your France Loto results simply sign into your Giant Lottos account, select the draw date you would like to check and we will provide you with France Loto results from that date.

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How Can The SUPA-QR System Help Me Win?

SUPA-QP is so much more than a random number generator! The SUPA-QR technology is able to instantly analyse thousands of past lottery draw results and find certain patterns among the winning numbers. After analysing number patterns, the SUPA-QR system will provide you with a number combination that follows the same patterns of past winning lottery numbers.

If you want to more about how the SUPA-QR technology works you can see here.