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€52 Million

Next Draw Date: 26-07-2024
£2.75 per ticket

Time left to Play:

Draw Days: Tuesday | Thursday | Saturday | Friday

Hundreds Of Prizes Up For Grabs!

Pop quiz: which international lottery gives you the most draw days out of any other, a 1 in 20 chance of winning a prize, and unlimited rollovers with no jackpot cap? If you said the SuperEnaLotto, you’d be right on the money! And when it comes to money, the SuperEnaLotto delivers and then some, thanks to a minimum payout of €1.7 million and a record jackpot of €371 million. One lotto ticket, 6 lucky numbers and a lifetime of luxury to enjoy!

Win SuperEnalotto Anywhere In The World

Thanks to Giant Lottos, you don’t have to be in Italy to be a winner. Just purchase your SuperEnaLotto tickets online, choose any 6 numbers between 1 and 90, and if you match all 6, you’ll have a serious prize coming your way! The SuperEnaLotto is drawn three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays, giving you not one, not two, but four chances every week to live your jackpot dreams! .

Play SuperEnalotto How You Want To Play

From Quick Pick to Manual to Bundle, there are so many different ways to play and win with the SuperEnaLotto. Simply select your playing option, buy your SuperEnaLotto tickets online, and our team will ensure your entries are purchased within the hour. You could be a millionaire by this time tomorrow!

You Get The Good News First

So you missed the latest SuperEnaLotto draw? No need to panic! As soon as the results have been confirmed, we’ll send you a notification email and all your winnings will be paid directly into your Giant Lottos account.And if you hit the jackpot? Your dedicated account manager will be on the phone to deliver the good news to you personally - so make sure you answer that call!

Hit the jackpot with the SuperEnaLotto today! Here’s how:

1. First, choose your preferred game play option: Manual or Quick Pick.

2. If you want the quicker option, Quick Pick is the one for you. Simply choose to purchase 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 SuperEnalotto tickets, and your lucky numbers will automatically be chosen.

3. If you would prefer picking your own numbers, pick the Manual option. Simply pick any 6 numbers between 1 and 90 for each SuperEnalotto ticket you have purchased.

4. Once you’ve made your selections, you can choose to buy your tickets via Single Play, 5 draws, 10 draws or 20 draws. Top Tip: Select 20 draws and you’ll instantly qualify for a discount of 5%. Bonus!

5. After choosing your purchasing option, click on the ‘Checkout’ button. After that your tickets will be moved into your Shopping Cart, where you can still make changes if necessary.

6. Once everything is in order you can buy your SuperEnalotto tickets by clicking the “Checkout” button. After this you’ll be entered into the upcoming SuperEnalotto lotto.

Visit our how to play SuperEnaLotto page for even more information.

Play Odd And Even Numbers In SuperEnalotto

It’s important that when you pick your lucky numbers that you have a good mix of odd and even numbers. More importantly, never pick only either odd or even numbers as these combinations only ever come up around 4% of the time.

Play High And Low Numbers

As with odd and even numbers, it’s important to have a mix of both high and low numbers. The most frequently drawn mix of high and low numbers are split in the 2/4, 4/2 or 3/3 range, with only either high or low numbers being drawn less than 4% of the time.

Never Play Numbers From A Single Group

Plenty of SuperEnalotto players use this strategy when picking their lucky numbers, however it very rarely pays off. Single group numbers include choosing all your numbers from single digits, all teens, all 20s and so on.

Pick One Number From The Previous Draw

This one is easy enough to understand; pick at least one number from the previous SuperEnalotto draw. It is estimated that a single number from the last draw will appear on the following draw 44% of the time.

Buy Multiple SuperEnalotto Tickets In A Single Draw

If you have budgeted to spend a certain amount on lottery tickets it is always better to spend that budget on a single draw. Remember, the more tickets you have in a single draw increases your chances of winning a prize!

When does the SuperEnalotto draw take place?

SuperEnalotto draws are held every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays, with results being posted shortly thereafter.

Can I play SuperEnalotto if I don’t live in Italy?

Yes, if you are a Giant Lottos member you can play the SuperEnalotto no matter where in the world you are playing from.

Is there a guaranteed minimum jackpot in the SuperEnalotto?

Yes, every SuperEnalotto draw has a guaranteed minimum jackpot of €1.7 million.

Are my SuperEnalotto winnings taxable?

Your SuperEnalotto winnings are taxed based upon the tax laws of the area that you are playing from.

Is there a jackpot cap for the SuperEnalotto?

The SuperEnalotto has no jackpot cap and unlimited rollovers, the sky’s the limit!

Why is there a seventh SuperEnalotto number on the day of the draw?

For every SuperEnalotto ticket you play you will automatically be given a seventh lucky number. This number is automatically generated for you, and matching the number will mean even bigger prizes!

Buying Your SuperEnalotto Tickets Online

When you buy SuperEnalotto tickets online through the Giant Lottos concierge service you will be entitled to all of the extra incentives enjoyed but Giant Lottos players. You’ll get to play your own way, buy your own way, and most importantly; you’ll stand a chance to win big!

You can buy tickets through single or bulk buy options, or join up with other lotto players in lottery syndicates and buy shares in multiple tickets.

As a Giant Lottos player you’ll also get access to all of our members-only extras like competitions, complimentary lotto tickets and special offers when you make your first deposit!

So what are you waiting for, play the SuperEnalotto online at Giant Lottos today and you could change your life forever!

To see past results for any SuperEnaLotto draw, please visit our dedicated SuperEnaLotto results page.

The SuperEna Lotto draw happens every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The latest results can be viewed below.

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