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€8.9 Million

Next Draw Date: 26-06-2024
Original Price: £ 3.13
Discounted Price: £2.50 ( - 20%)

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Draw Days: Wednesday

Big-Time Viking Lotto Jackpots!

Started back in 1993, Viking Lotto is a cooperation between ten different lottery games from across Europe. Viking Lotto has a starting jackpot of €3 million and can rollover all the way to €25 million, making it one of Europe’s richest lottery games!

Play Viking Lotto From Anywhere In The World

Giant Lottos have a wide selection of international lottery games available to play, and now Viking Lotto is ready for you to play from anywhere in the world! Pick your numbers, wait for the day of the draw and collect your Viking Lotto prizes now.

Know First When You’re A Winner

Good news travels fast, and news of Viking Lotto millionaires travels the fastest! After the Viking Lottos draw, all those who played tickets will receive an email notifying them of all their winnings. And if you win the Viking Lotto jackpot? You will receive a personal call from Giant Lottos advisor to inform you of your win.

How To Play Viking Lotto Online

1. Choose your playing option; Quick Pick or Manual.

2. If you would like your numbers automatically selected choose the Quick Pick option and decide how many tickets you would like to play.

3. If you would rather pick your own numbers then select Manual. Players must choose six numbers between 1 - 48, and one bonus number between 1 - 5.

4. Now decide if you want to play a single draw, 5 draws, 10 draws or 20 draws.

5. After you have your tickets and numbers simply click the “Checkout” button and all your tickets will be transferred to the Shopping Cart section.

6. Now all you need to do is finalise your payment and you will be entered into the upcoming Viking Lottos draws.

Visit our how to play Viking Lotto page for even more information.

Play Numbers From The Entire Pool

It's been calculated that only around 3% of jackpot winning number combinations only use certain parts of the number pool. This includes playing all even numbers, all odd numbers and so on. Increase your winning chances by playing numbers from across the entire number pool.

Avoid Using Dates

A common strategy when choosing lotto numbers is to use dates such as birthdays, anniversaries or other significant calendar dates. The problem is that you will not be utilising the entire number range as calendar dates only reach up to 31.

Study Popular Numbers

Know your game and study past winning number combinations for the Viking Lotto to get a better idea of which numbers are more likely to be drawn.

When does the Viking Lotto draw take place?

Viking Lotto draws take place every Wednesday evening at 20:00 CET in Hamar, Norway. The results are announced shortly after.

What is the minimum jackpot for the Viking Lotto?

The minimum jackpot payout for the Viking Lotto is a guaranteed €3 million.

Do I have to live in Europe to play Viking Lotto?

Thanks to Giant Lottos you can now play and win in the Viking Lotto from anywhere in the world, not just from Europe.

Does the Viking Lotto have a jackpot cap?

The Viking Lotto has a jackpot cap of €25 million. Once reached the jackpot will stay at this amount until won.

Do I pay tax on my Viking Lotto winnings?

Your lottery winnings will be taxed according to the country that you are playing from.

Playing Viking Lotto Tickets Online

Play your Viking Lotto tickets now and you’ll get the chance to win millions from one of Europe’s most widely known lottery games.

Buy single draw tickets, or test your chances for up to 20 weeks in advance for the best chances of walking away with the Viking Lotto jackpot.

All Viking Lotto tickets are played in the next upcoming draw, and results and winnings confirmation are sent directly to your inbox after the official draw has taken place.

Viking Lottos draws take place every Wednesday evening with results posted shortly thereafter. Check the results page for dedicated Viking Lotto results.

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How SUPA-QP can help you win big with Viking Lotto

The SUPA-QP number selection technology uses Artificial Intelligence to select lottery numbers that have a better chance of being drawn.

The technology does this by analysing past lottery draws and detecting patterns in how the numbers are drawn. The SUPA-QP number technology is available for free to all Giant Lottos players.