Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery? Perhaps in your sleep you imagine yourself playing the US Powerball or Mega Millions, or maybe even the UK Lotto or the EuroMillions. You see a string of lotto numbers that turn out to be the winning combination. You see the lotto cashier telling you you've won. Or you see yourself jumping up and down, spraying real champagne over your family and friends in celebration.

Any of those lotto-winning scenarios sound familiar? Any of them ever appear in your dreams, giving you hope for the future? If so, did you then go on to make those dreams of lotto glory a reality, or did you simply wake up and go about your day as normal?

Most people (us included) usually go for the latter option - doing nothing. It was only a dream, after all - it's not like it could actually come true. No-one dreams of picking lotto numbers and then actually wins with them. And no-one dreams of scooping a huge lottery jackpot, and then actually experiences it. It's madness!

Lottery winners turn dreams into jackpots

Madness it may be, but believe it or not, it's a reality for some. Yes, bizarre though it may seem, there are some lucky lotto players out there who dream of choosing the winning numbers, who dream of claiming the top jackpot - and then wake up and do just that!

Take Rodney Thurman from Chicago, for example. This lucky scratch card player recently had a dream with the number seven in it. So when he was at a gas station selling Black Diamond 7 scratch tickets, he decided to follow the path his dream had led him to, and purchase one. To his shock, his scratch card revealed that he had won the top prize of $250,000 - a dream of a lotto win indeed!

Or what about Trevor Whiteley, who one evening had a vivid dream of winning the lottery. 'I was in the shop where I buy my lottery tickets and the lady behind the till told me I'd won,' he says. 'It has always stuck in my mind. We all like to think dreams can come true.' Instead of dismissing it as a sub-conscious fantasy, Trevor strove to make his lotto dream a reality, by buying £5 in UK Lotto tickets every week for the next two years. Some may have doubted him, but Trevor never gave up - which is why two years after having his UK Lotto dream, Trevor finally found the victory he'd been chasing, with a massive £6,666,687 lottery win!

Finally there's Fatih Ozcan, the waiter who dreamt of winning the lottery, and then persuaded his boss to go in on him with a ticket. His premonition turned out to be correct, as his dream of a EuroMillions win was made reality with a £1 million jackpot!

giant lottos winner fatih ozcan

Wake up to huge lotto winnings with

We often dream of living a life of luxury with a huge lotto win, but rarely, if ever, do we follow through with our instincts and actually play the lottery afterwards. Perhaps it's time we changed that though, if the recent stories of dream lotto wins coming true are anything to go by.

So the next time you dream of picking lucky lotto numbers or hitting the big one, why not logon onto and turn your fantasies into reality? At we're open 24 hours a day, all to make your dreams come true. We've got the winning opportunities - now all you need is the courage to take advantage of them. Follow your instincts with today and you could be living the life you've always dreamed of for all your tomorrows.

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