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Members of already know that we're responsible for more giveaways, promotions and discounted lottery tickets than any other online lotto service. So, for those fortune seekers who have not yet been lucky enough to experience the excitement of playing for life-changing international lottery jackpots with us, here is a collection of all GiantLottos first-time registration offers. Make hay while the sun shines and you can be our next lotto star!

1) £1 For 3 EuroMillions Chances & A Free Copy Of "The Lotto Secret" eBook

How To Win The Lottery Online Free eBook

It's a guarantee; with a syndicate you're 90 times more likely to win your share of... see current jackpot here

Create your new account because today you'll get a copy of our best-selling Amazon ebook, "The Lotto Secret".

The Lotto Secret is the definitive no-nonsense guide to maximising your chances of winning the world's largest cash prizes.

The Lotto Secret normally sells on Amazon for $9.99 and today you'll be able to download it FREE.

What Else You Should Know:

  • Syndicate tickets allow you to pool your resources with other players, you increase your odds of winning a jackpot a guaranteed 90 times.
  • Also, Your numbers will be drawn using our SUPA-QP™ technology to ensure increased odds of a result.
  • You rarely lose! If you don’t win a major jackpot, there’s still a high chance you’ll win one of the lower tier prizes. This means you are always likely to win something!

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2) £17 To Play In ALL 10 International Lotteries & A Free Copy Of "The Lotto Secret" eBook

online lottery free ebook

Play in all the world's biggest lottery jackpots with the ultimate lotto bundle. Play now for a combined total jackpot of... see current jackpot amount here

Your purchase includes:

1x Euro Millions Ticket
  • 1x USA Powerball Ticket
  • 1x Mega Millions Ticket
  • 1x SuperEnaLotto Ticket
  • 1x EuroJackpot Ticket
  • 1x UK Lottery Ticket
  • 1x Lotto 6aus49 Ticket
  • 1x Mega-Sena Ticket
  • 1x Irish Lottery Ticket
  • 1x Canada Lotto 649 Ticket

Create your account today and get 53% off the ULTIMATE Lottery Bundle. Purchasing these tickets individually costs £38.78... Today, pay only £17 and play for a combined super jackpot total of... see current jackpot here.

How It Works... It's simple, your numbers for each of the tickets in this bundle will be drawn using our SUPA-QP™ technology software, giving your numbers the best odds of being drawn. Because our SUPA-QP™ technology covers 70% of numbers most likely to be drawn, you get a 100% money back guarantee.

You'll get a win on this 10 tickets bundled offer or we'll refund your account the full £17! * GiantLottos proprietary SUPA-QP™ technology uses mean probability formulas to pick lottery numbers which are overdue to be drawn. Our SUPA-QP™ technology software is so powerful and has been so successful, that GiantLottos is offering a full refund if you don't get a win.

* Our lottery advisor department is so confident you'll enjoy a win on this 10 ticket bundle that we'll refund your account the full amount.

"Most people have no real strategy for picking lottery numbers... When you play with GiantLottos Supa-QP (™) technology you'll be playing lottery at another level!"

- Ross Fulford (

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No you can play in all the biggest lotteries online.

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For the last 15 years Giant Lottos has provided the thrill of playing lottery online from across the world. Join the worlds greatest jackpot draws today and be in line for the next lotto draw and make your mark in the biggest prize wins in lottery results history.

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