More Things You Don't Need, But Simply Have To Have!

And in today's episode of "things that rich people have that we will never need, but lust after anyway" come these sparkling gems:

The at-home elevator

Nothing says "I've totally made it in every way" like your very own lift - particularly one you don't have to share with a bunch of strangers, a screaming baby or a trolley or five. Welcome to the at-home elevator - built-in luxury that takes opulence to the next level. Sure, those in the know say that it's a necessity for houses that are too big, or for seniors who need help going from floor to floor, but we know the truth - it's about showing everyone that you're above them. And when it comes to bank balances, we have to agree. There's nothing we'd like more than our very own lift, but no - we have to carry our shopping up nine flights of stairs all by ourselves.

That's exactly the space that London-based Terry Lifts is occupying - luxury home elevators that are simple, stylish and easy to use too. From backup batteries for power outages to pressure sensitive surfaces for the ultimate in safety, Terry Lifts are setting the benchmark in at-home convenience. When it comes to prices, they're keeping mum, but we're fairly sure a lift of your own would be a sizable investment - not to mention the double-storey house you'd need to have one installed in the first place! Definitely an area in which all lottery win or two would come in more than handy.

At Home Elevator

The most expensive wine in the world

Hit the lottery jackpot and we're sure the first thing you'd want to do is celebrate - but instead of being sensible and going for a cheap bottle of bubbly, why not go all out with the most expensive wine in the world instead! Yes, while there are far more affordable options out there, this isn't about affordability - this is about excess. And nothing says excess like dropping $15,000 on a bottle of rare Burgundy wine - the 1985 Richebour Grand Cru from the Cotes de Nuit range, to be specific. So start how you mean to go on - make your first star jackpot purchase a massively extravagant one, and order yourself a case of the world's most expensive wine. And then another one for good luck.

1985 Richebour Grand Cru

The first-class ticket your pet will love

Winning a lotto jackpot will do more than give you an impressive bank balance - it'll give you a wealth of opportunities as well. And if you're anything like us, the opportunity to travel first-class will be one you'd snap up in an instant! But if you're a pet owner, you'll want to take your snookums along for the ride, which can be a nightmare if you're not keen on your precious doggy, kitty or gerbil travelling in the hold. Not so if you board certain American Airlines flights - because this progressive airline has now introduced first class for pets, known as the adorable "Cuddle Class". Just when you were worried they'd thought of everything.

Book your first-class ticket on a qualifying American Airlines flight, and you'll be able to book one for your pet too, giving them exclusive cabin space for (just) $125, where you can keep an eye on them and their needs throughout the trip. If that isn't the height of superfluous purchases, we don't know what is!

First Class Tickets for Pets

Ready to make your own completely-unnecessary-but-have-to-have purchases? Then a lotto ticket is your golden ticket to the good life! Just buy your way into your favourite lotto jackpot, and you could soon be reaping the rewards of extravagance and luxury beyond your wildest dreams!

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