Parking So Pricy, Only Lottery Winners Could Afford It

When we put our lottery dream car list together (Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti) there's a lot we take into consideration - power, performance, speed, luxury, sophistication and so on. We think about what we want our fantasy car to look like, sound like, smell like, what it would feel like to be in the driver's seat, and the looks of envy we'd get from other drivers on the roads attempting to overtake us (never going to happen).

But in all our imaginings and wonderings, there's one thing none of us ever think about (at least, we don't) - and that's where we're going to park the thing! Sure if you won a lottery of millions and decided to retire to the countryside or a rural area, you'd have plenty of space and fields as far as the eye could see. But if you decided to relocate to a city centre, such as London or New York, you'd have a much harder time putting your baby to bed. And the kicker? If you ever were lucky enough to find a city lot to park your dream car in, you'd have to pay through the nose for the privilege - at least if these urban parking spaces are anything to go by:

Rule the Britannian roads - for a mere £500,000

Looking to move to the UK capital with all your lotto millions and start a brand-new life? We hope you've got a proper budget in place - because with parking alone costing a staggering £500,000, you'll need all the financial help you can get!

That's right - £500,000 just for a parking space - and not even a particularly fancy one at that. Instead, this double garage near Harrods in Knightsbridge measures a modest 6.4 by 4.75 metres, and could do with a decent clean and a fresh coat of paint. That hasn't stopped developers hiking up the price of this sought-after space though, with its premium parking being offered at an eye-watering £500,000 - triple the price of an average British home.

Britains most expensive garage

Space in the City - yours for $1 million

If you thought £500,000 was exorbitant though, take a look at this - parking in New York City for the unbelievable price of $1 million. Unbelievable as in, we can't believe how ridiculously expensive it is! $1 million - all for parking a car. Although with monthly parking rates in one of the most popular cities on earth going for between $130 and $1,100 a month, we can almost understand wanting to buy your own exclusive space. Almost.

Want to know what your $1 million will buy you in the Big Apple? A space 23 feet long and 12 feet wide, enough for one car with no modifications to the garage, or two, should you wish to exercise the 'duplexing' provision and build a lift to help house a second car above your first - a viable option considering the 15-foot ceiling. Of course this'll cost extra - and you'll have to see how much you have left out of your lotto jackpot after dropping a cool million on a parking space, and who knows how much on the fancy car needing to be parked.

Million Dollar Parking Spot

One thing's for sure though, you're not going to be able to afford any type of pricy city parking, or luxury car either for that matter, unless you make your play for a massive lotto jackpot with! Simply buy your tickets online in time for the weekend draws, choose your lucky numbers, and get ready to park off in the car, the city, and the luxurious lifestyle of your dreams!

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