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Play lottos online with Giant Lottos because we offer our members the opportunity to enter in the world's most exciting international lotteries. Yes you can buy lotto tickets online! If you’ve played lotto online before you’ll notice that, compared to other online lotto players, you get a distinct advantage… Our members get promotions that nobody else gets including bulk buy discounts and weekly emails offering individual lottery discounts.

Buy Lottery Tickets Online From Your Home Country

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Play Lotto Online At Giant Lottos

Every year there are newly minted millionaires made all thanks to playing the lotto online. We at Giant Lottos give our players the opportunity to participate in some of the world’s largest lotteries, paying out the largest jackpots and offering multiple prize tiers giving you the greatest chances at walking away with a prize. Play simply by buying your lotto tickets online with Giant Lottos and you have the opportunity to play in some of the world’s biggest and best international lotteries even if you don’t live in the country that they are based in. Play these world record holding lotteries: the USA Powerball, EuroMillions, Irish Lottery, UK Lottery and the infamous Mega Millions.

You can play these lottos online from your home country, wherever you are in the world!

Players from around the globe recently played in both the USA Powerball and the MegaMillions when they made headlines… both jackpots reaching over 1 BILLION dollars... Register today and you'll never miss out on the fun.

When playing online at Giant Lottos you’ll not only have access to the biggest lotteries out there, but you’ll also get your own personal Giant Lottos account where you can keep track of your ticket purchases, manage your winnings and have access to all of our winning tips and trick to winning the lotto.

With Giant Lottos you’re only a few clicks away from playing your favourite lotteries online, and hopefully, you’ll walk away much richer than when you started playing at Giant Lottos.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Giant Lottos online family today, buy your lottery tickets online, and you could be a winner sooner than you think!

Buy Lotto Tickets With Giant Lottos Online

When you buy your lottery tickets online at Giant Lottos you’re getting so much more than you would with other online lottery ticket services. We at Giant Online Lottos have a team of dedicated account managers and lottery experts which are always on call to answer any questions that you may have regarding how to buy lottery tickets online, your personal account or any winnings that are owed to you.

Buying lottery tickets online has never been easier thanks to Giant Lottos. Simply create your free Giant Lottos account and you’re ready to go! You’ll have some of the world’s most popular lotteries at your fingertips, where you can play from anywhere in the world!

Also, when you buy your lotto tickets online you never have to worry about missing the draw ever again. Giant Lottos will notify you if you have won a prize, and will automatically credit your personal Giant Lottos account with any winnings that are owed to you.

Play In Lottery Syndicates Online At Giant Lottos

One of the most exciting features at Giant Lottos is the online lottery syndicates that we offer our members from all around the globe. By joining an online lottery syndicate you will be improving your chances of winning a prize without having to spend money buying plenty of tickets.

The international lottery syndicates at Giant Lottos allow you to buy shares in multiple tickets and split the winnings with the other members of the lottery syndicate. This means that you get more entries for much less money! The lottery syndicates at Giant Lottos are made up of between 30 and 50 tickets, with each ticket being divided up into 10 shares.

After buying your lotto tickets through a lottery syndicate, Giant Lottos will send you a notification that you have been entered into the syndicate of your choice. Afterwards, you will be able to view your purchase history with your chosen lottery syndicate on the Transaction History page.

US Online Lottery Syndicates
You can play in Mega Millions syndicates by visiting the online syndicate page here and after each draw the results are published online. Learn more about playing American Powerball syndicates or join the combination syndicate MegaPower and see the results page online.

Euro Online Lottery Syndicates
Learn more about how to play in the EuroMillions syndicate online or buy your EuroMillions syndicates tickets securely online @ and keep an eye out on the EuroMillions Syndicate draw results. Play in two of Europes biggest online jackpots join the double euro online syndicate which is both EuroMillions and the EuroJackpot shares and keep checking our double euro syndicate results online. We offer incredible single ticket bundles online if you want to maximise your spend on Europes gigantic online lottery draws.

Play Powerball Online At Giant Lottos

The USA Powerball has life-changing jackpots that are up for grabs when you play the Powerball online with Giant Lottos. The USA Powerball draw happens twice every week, and tickets for both draws are available online through the Giant Lottos online lottery website.

Get your tickets for the USA Powerball at Giant Lottos today, and your life could be changed forever by the same time tomorrow!

Buy your USA Powerball tickets here.

Play EuroMillions Online At Giant Lottos

One of Europe’s most popular lotteries, you too can be a EuroMillions winner thanks to Giant Lottos. All of our Giant Lottos members can buy their EuroMillions tickets online and claim their winnings in a few simple steps.

Buy your EuroMillions tickets online through the Giant Lottos concierge service and your life could be changed in an instant!

Buy your EuroMillions tickets here.

Play MegaMillions Online At Giant Lottos

The Mega Millions lottery dates back to 1996 and offers players the opportunity to win multi-million dollar jackpots, and plenty of other prize tiers that are won by Giant Lottos players from around the world.

Buy your MegaMillions tickets online at Giant Lottos now, and your life could change forever, all you need to do is match a few lucky numbers!

Get your MegaMillions tickets here.

Play EuroJackpot Online Right Now

The EuroJackpot combines the lotto draws of 14 different countries from all around Europe to establish one of the world's most prolific draws with huge jackpots of up to €90 million.

Giant Lottos offer players the chance to purchase EuroJackpot tickets from anywhere in the world and get any winnings paid directly into your Giant Lottos account within minutes. With the EuroJackpot you get to play your own way; decide on how many tickets you want to buy and which payment method works best for you.

EuroJackpot draws take place weekly every Friday evening, so get playing today and change your life tomorrow!

Play SuperEnalotto Online At Giant Lottos

With multiple draws, a 1-in-20 chance at winning a prize and no jackpot cap; the SuperEnalotto is one of Europe’s most played lotteries ever! When playing the SuperEnalotto online you’ll be playing for a minimum jackpot of a whopping €1.7 million, and you could even break the SuperEnalotto jackpot record of €177.8 million!

Buy your SuperEnalotto tickets online at Giant Lottos today and you could change your life forever.

Get your SuperEnalotto tickets online right here and you can join in on the action with the Giant Lottos super lotto players club strategic lotter selections.

Play Canada Lotto 649 Online At Giant Lottos

Giant Lottos gives you the opportunity to buy tickets online for Canada’s largest lottery; the Lotto 649. So why should you play in the Lotto 649? We’ll give you two reasons: you get to play for jackpots from CAD$5 million all the way up to CAD$64.

Giant lottos members can buy Lotto 649 tickets online no matter where in the world they are playing from.

Buy Canada Lotto 649 tickets online right here.

Online Lotto FAQs

Do I have to live in the country that the lotto is based in order to play? Thanks to Giant Lottos you can now play the biggest lotteries in the world online. These include the Mega Millions, US Powerball and the EuroMillions lottery draws.

How will I know if I've won a prize? You will be notified of your win via email and your winnings will be deposited into your Giant Lottos account. And if you're lucky enough to win a big jackpot a Giant Lottos account manager will contact you directly to deliver the good news.

Are my details kept private? Absolutely! Our player database is kept safe using the latest Thawte SSL 123-bit encryption technology ensuring that all of your personal details are secured.

Can I join a lottery syndicate with Giant Lottos? Yes! Our members are given the opportunity to join lottery syndicates from around the world and for some of the biggest lotteries from all across the globe.

Do you offer any bonuses? We have a bulk buy bonuses where are players are entitled to a complimentary ticket for every 20 tickets purchased. New players will also be able to claim back 100% of their initial deposit if you make a deposit 7 days after opening your account.

3 Steps to Playing your Luck Numbers

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- If you already ahead and already registered, but not logged in, log in here.

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A big win lies in your future... It is written in the stars!

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