Play Multi Lotto Tickets And Win Millions In International Lottos

What's better than hitting the jackpot? Hitting multiple jackpots with one easy multi lotto ticket purchase! At Giant Lottos our multi lottery ticket bundles include plays for multiple lottery games across different draws.

Giant Lottos currently offer players multi lotto tickets in bundles which including European lotteries, American lotteries or both. Playing multi lotto tickets allow you to play tickets from different lotteries at a cheaper price with bigger combined jackpot prizes up for grabs.

Below are all of the multi lotto offers you can play at Giant Lottos right now

Mega Power Bundle - In this bundle players can buy multiple tickets for the USA Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries. This bundle regularly offers combined jackpots of over $100 million, and includes a total of 4 tickets from multi lotto games. Players can choose to play the Mega Power Bundle up to four weeks in advance.

The Mega Power bundle consists of 2X Mega Millions tickets, 2X USA Powerball tickets.

Giant4 Favourites Bundle - This is a multi ticket bundle with tickets from American and European lotteries, making it perfect to play for jackpots in dollar and euro payouts. Players can choose to buy tickets for the Giant4 Favourites up to 4 weeks in advance, and includes combined jackpots for well over $200 millions.

The Giant4 Favourites consists of 2X USA Powerball tickets, 2X Mega Millions tickets, 2X EuroMillions tickets, 1X EuroJackpot ticket.

Euro Millionaires Bundle - This bundle let you live your European dreams by playing multiple tickets from the biggest European lottery games. The Euro Millionaires multi lotto bundle has tickets from the six richest lotto games from around Europe. Play the bundle up to four weeks in advance and never miss a Euro Millionaires draw again.

The Euro Millionaires has 2X EuroMillions tickets, 1X EuroJackpot ticket, 3X SuperEnaLotto tickets, 2X UK National Lottery tickets, 2X German Lotto tickets, 3X France Lotto tickets.

All Draw Bonanza Bundle - Our biggest multi lotto bundle available, the All Draw Bonanza includes a total of 23 lottery tickets. The All Draw Bonanza has the best winning chances of any other multi lotto bundle, and you can also secure a money-back guarantee if you don't win a single prize.

The All Draw Bonanza includes 2X USA Powerball tickets, 2X EuroMillions tickets, 1X EuroJackpot tickets, 2X Mega Millions tickets, 3X SuperEnaLotto tickets, 2X UK National Lottery tickets, 2X German Lotto tickets, 2X Mega Sena tickets, 2X Irish Lotto tickets, 2X Canada Lotto tickets, 3X France Lotto tickets.

Why should I play multi lotto online?

Playing multi lotto is the quickest and easiest way to enter the draw for multiple jackpots in one, single purchase. But playing the Giant Lottos multi lotto tickets offer more than just combined jackpot payouts, check below for what else sets our multi lotto options apart from the competition.

Big ticket discounts. Playing the Giant Lotto multi lotto bundles offer bulk ticket buy discounts that give you the chance to pay less for tickets than buying them individually. Multi lotto buys are one of the cheapest ways to play the lottery online.

Combined jackpot payouts. Playing single lottery tickets will give you the chance to win a single jackpot, but playing multi lotto gives you the opportunity to play multiple lotteries, and combined jackpot payouts. Multi lotto plays lets you win MUCH bigger jackpots than when playing individual tickets.

Money-back guarantees. Worried that you might not win anything? Don't stress, some of our multi lotto ticket bundles come with a money-back guarantee if you don't win atleast one prize. You just won't find this kind of deal on other multi lotto offers around the net.

Play four weeks in advance. If you're worried about missing your favourite lottery draws we've got some good news for you. With our multi lotto bundles you can select to play ticket up to four weeks in advance, meaning you can play up to almost a month's worth of lottery draws in one single purchase.

What lotteries can you play with multi lotto draws?

USA Powerball - This American lottery game is responsible for more billion dollar jackpots than any other lottery on earth. Play and win USA Powerball prizes in the All Draw Bonanza, Mega Power and Giant4 Favourites multi lotto ticket bundles.

Mega Millions - Another famous lottery game from America, the Mega Millions pays out millions everyday to players around the world. You can pay Mega Millions tickets in the Mega Power, All Draw Bonanza and Giant4 Favourites multi lotto bundles.

EuroMillions - This lottery game is the biggest in Europe, with the EuroMillions Superdraw paying out the biggest jackpots of any other lottery from Europe. Play EuroMillions tickets in the Euro Millionaires, Giant4 Favourites and All Draw Bonanza multi lotto bundles.

SuperEnaLotto - The SuperEnaLotto is the most popular lottery in Italy, with players from around the rest of Europe also playing each week by purchasing their tickets online. Players can buy SuperEnaLotto tickets in the All Draw Bonanza and Euro Millionaires multi lotto packages.

UK National Lottery - The most popular lottery in the United Kingdom, players can now get their hands on UK National Lottery tickets and others in multi lotto play options. There are UK National Lottery tickets included in the All Draw Bonanza and Euro Millionaires multi lotto bundles.

EuroJackpot - This trans-continental lottery is organised and held across various European countries, and now you can play the EuroJackpot along with other lotteries in multi lotto ticket bundles. The EuroJackpot is included in the Euro Millionaires, Giant4 Favourites and All Draw Bonanza multi lotto draws.

What is a multi lotto draw?

Multi lotto draws are tailored made lottery ticket bundles that bring you more lottery tickets for bigger combined jackpot payouts. In a word; multi lotto draws are for those players looking for serious winnings!

Multi lotto draws also save you the time and hassle of having to purchase single lottery tickets; just complete one buy and you can get entered into multiple lottery draws at a time. You can also choose to play multi lotto bundles up to four weeks in advance.

Play multi lotto draws with SUPA-QP

When picking your lucky numbers for any multi lotto draw players can use the Giant Lottos SUPA-QP number technology. At the click of a button the SUPA-QP system collates over 10 years worth of winning number combinations in order to generate winning numbers that will get you better winning odds.

Enjoy multi lotto draws with syndicate play

Share the costs and split the winnings with Giant Lottos multi lotto draws in syndicate style play. Syndicates are the best way to get great winning odds without having to buy additional tickets, and now you can play in multi lotto draws with US and European lotteries in our exclusive lotto syndicates.

Below are the multi lotto draws you can enter with syndicate play.

Mega Power Syndicate - Combine your playing power with other syndicate players and enter this multi lotto US draw to play for America's biggest jackpot payouts. The Mega Power Syndicate includes shares in the USA Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries.

Double Euro Syndicate - This syndicate lets you pool resources with other syndicate members to play in two of Europe's most popular lottery games. The Double Euro Syndicate includes shares in the EuroMillions and the EuroJackpot lotteries.

Multi lotto results and winners

Players who enter any of the multi lotto draws and bundles can access their results quickly and easily. After the official draws have taken place all the players who have bought tickets will receive their multi lotto results to their inbox. You can also check the multi lotto results from the dedicated results page on Giant Lottos.

Multi lotto winners will be notified via email and their winnings will automatically be deposited into their online account. And if you're lucky enough to hit the multi lotto jackpot we'll contact you personally to deliver the good news!

News of big multi lotto winners are also published to our blog section, but names and other personal details may be kept private at the discretion of the winner.

Check the latest results page to check all the latest multi lotto draw results.

How do multi lotto wins work?

Winning multi lotto jackpots work much in the same way that winning individual lottery jackpots work. The number of lucky numbers you match on the day of the draw will determine how much your multi lotto win will payout.

To win any of the multi lotto jackpots players must match all the lucky numbers and bonus numbers. Players can still win big tier one or two multi lotto prizes by matching less numbers.

Your multi lotto winnings are paid out in combined winnings amounts. With two or more lottery games included in the multi lotto bundles, your winnings from each of the draws are combined and paid into your online account.

Withdrawing your multi lotto winnings is quick and easy. Just follow the easy steps from the menu and you'll be able to withdraw your multi lotto winnings from your online account to your personal bank account.

How likely are you to win multi lotto draws?

Because there are tickets from different lotteries in each of our multi lotto bundles there are different winning odds for each bundle. Playing specific lotteries in multi lotto bundles have the same winning odds as playing individual lottery games.

The overall winning odds for a multi lotto bundle are calculated by taking the odds for the individual lotteries and then reaching the average odds.

Below are the winning odds for some of the most popular lotteries included in our multi lotto draws.

USA Powerball Winning Odds

The winning odds for the USA Powerball are higher when compared to other lotteries, but the prizes are also much bigger!

Jackpot 1-in-292,201,000
Tier 2 1-in-11,688,045
Tier 3 1-in-913,130
Tier 4 1-in-14,494

Mega Millions Winning Odds

Like the USA Powerball, the Mega Millions also has higher winning odds but also boasts some of the biggest jackpots of any lottery.

Jackpot 1-in-302,008,000
Tier 2 1-in-12,607,306
Tier 3 1-in-931,001
Tier 4 1-in-38,792

EuroMillions Winning Odds

Europe's richest lottery game has higher winning odds compared to other lotteries from the same region, but it also has bigger prizes than other European lotteries.

Jackpot 1-in-140,000,000
Tier 2 1-in-7,001,230
Tier 3 1-in-3,100,000
Tier 4 1-in-621,000

UK National Lottery Winning Odds

The United Kingdom's oldest lottery game is available in a number of our multi lotto bundles. Below are the winning odds, which are better compared to other lottery games.

Jackpot 1-in-45,000,000
Tier 2 1-in-7,300,000
Tier 3 1-in-145,000
Tier 4 1-in-17,896

EuroJackpot Winning Odds

The EuroJackpot is organised across various European countries and has average winning odds when compared to lottery games from the same region.

Jackpot 1-in-95,344,200
Tier 2 1-in-5,959,013
Tier 3 1-in-3,405,150
Tier 4 1-in-423,752

The Multi Lotto Winner's Circle

Everyday thousands of lottery players buy multi lotto bundles in the hopes of claiming the massive jackpots and other prizes that are paid out everyday. Our multi lotto bundles are available to all Giant Lottos players who can play for the jackpot that may not be available in their home countries.

Below are some of the countries that play our multi lotto bundles and which bundles they enjoy playing.

Mega Power - Namibia, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa

Euro Millionaires - India, Namibia, Botswana, New Zealand

All Draw Bonanza - Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa

Giant4 Favourites - Namibia, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Canada

Get your tickets for the biggest lottos in the world and win amazing life-changing prizes today!
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