Play Loteria Nacional Extra Syndicate Online

€105 Million

Next Draw Date: 23-03-2024
£6.99 per line

Time left to Play:

What is the Loteria Nacional Syndicate?

The Loteria Nacional is our most popular Spanish Raffle because of its great winning odds and it’s life-changing payouts. This is a syndicate version of the raffle which lets you buy shares for a much more affordable rate.

Spanish Raffles for a lot less!

Are you always eyeing those Spanish Raffles but the ticket price seems a little too steep? Play in our Loteria Nacional Syndicate and play for the same multi-million jackpots but at a much lower cost.

How does the Loteria Nacional Syndicate work?

When you normally play the Loteria Nacional you buy shares in the ticket, these shares are called ‘decimos’. One decimo is 10% of a Loteria Nacional ticket. Our Loteria Nacional Syndicate takes a single decimo and divides it into 100 shares, for a much more affordable price.

Play Loteria Nacional Syndicate online

Play in our Loteria Nacional Syndicate online and get more winning chances for less! Buy shares in the Loteria Nacional syndicate and play for millions of Pounds with great winning odds.

Hit the jackpot with the Loteria Nacional Extra today! Here’s how:

1. Decide how many shares you would like to play in the Loteria Nacional ticket. You can purchase a whole decimo if you buy 100 shares.

2. After you have decided on how many shares to play, just click the ‘Checkout’ button. You can now view your Loteria Nacional Syndicate shares in your Shopping Cart.

3. To complete your purchase just click the ‘Checkout’ button in your Shopping Cart and your shares will be played in the upcoming Loteria Nacional draw.

4. Wait for the draw and keep an eye out for that winning email!

Visit our how to play Loteria Nacional Extra Syndciate page for more information

Buying Your Loteria Nacional Tickets Online

Buying your Loteria Nacional shares online is quick and easy, and open to all registered Giant Lottos players. Just sign into your account, decide how many shares you would like to play and then just wait for the draw!

Each Loteria Nacional ticket is divided into 10 ‘decimos’, which is how you would normally buy tickets. The Loteria Nacional Syndicate takes each decimo and divides that into 100 shares, making it much more affordable to play the Loteria Nacional raffle.

This is effectively a much cheaper way of playing for the same Loteria Nacional raffle prizes and jackpot at a much cheaper price.

What is the Loteria Nacional Syndicate?

The Loteria Nacional Syndicate is the best way to get syndicate shares for our biggest Spanish raffle, the Loteria Nacional.

Is it cheaper to play the Loteria Nacional Syndicate?

Buying shares in the Loteria Nacional Syndicate is more affordable to play than normal Spanish raffles because you are buying shares instead of full decimos.

Can you still win the same Loteria Nacional prizes?

Yes! You play for the exact same prizes with the Loteria Nacional Syndicate as with the normal raffle. Including the jackpot and other massive prize tiers.

Do you still have the same winning odds as the Loteria Nacional?

Yes! You still have the same winning odds. You have a 1-in-3 chance of winning the lower tier prizes and an amazing 1-in-100,000 chance of taking home the jackpot prize!

Can I play Loteria Nacional Syndicate from my home country?

As with all of our normal lotteries, you can play the Loteria Nacional Syndicate from anywhere in the world. You can play and collect Loteria Nacional Syndicate from your home country.