Record-Breaking SuperEnaLotto Jackpot of €371 Million Has Been Won

After almost two years without a winner, The SuperEnaLotto jackpot was finally won on Thursday 16th February. It was the biggest ever jackpot win for SuperEnaLotto, and was worth €371 million.

The winning numbers on Thursday 16th February were as follows:

1, 38, 47, 52, 56 and 66.

The Jolly was 72,

and the SuperStar 23.

Results can be found on the SuperEnaLotto to get a full prize breakdown.

Only one ticket matched all six main numbers. The winning ticket consisted of 90 shares that were distributed and sold all over the country.

Of all the Italian territories; Campania proved to be the luckiest region, with 14 shares out of the 90. There were nine shares each in Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Sicily and Calabria, and seven shares each in Lazio, Lombardy, Marche and Puglia.

Elsewhere, there were four shares sold in Liguria, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna, three shares in Tuscany, two shares in Veneto and Abruzzo, and one share each in Tretino Alto Adige and Umbria.

The 90 lucky players were awarded more than €4 million. They have 90 days from the draw date until the deadline to collect their prizes expires.

Around €74 million from the total of €371 million will return to state coffers due to 20% tax paid towards the lottery jackpots in Italy.

Biggest Win in SuperEnaLotto History

The last SuperEnaLotto had been rolling over since 2021, that’s nearly three years of rollovers!

A year later, it went past the record for the biggest win of SuperEnaLotto in history, which was a total of €209 million. That record was reached in August 2019.

The jackpot then quickly became the largest seen in Europe, even passing the EuroMillions lottery, which currently has a capped jackpot of €240 million.

SuperEnalotto has no capped tier prize on their lottery, so it continued to rollover until it finally ended up being nearly double the amount of the record reached in August 2019.

You can take part in the next draw by clicking the link below.


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