Retired Couples Forgotten Ticket Scoops Gbp 1.5 Million

In typical British fashion, retired council worker Sally Ann Wells, found out that one of her lottery tickets had landed her a 1.5 Million jackpot in the UK National Lottery whilst enjoying a cup of tea at her kitchen table.

63-year old Wells, who purchased the tickets with her partner of the last 14 years, Jerry Gregory, felt the need to check her tickets after reading in her local newspaper that a winning ticket had gone unclaimed in her hometown of Ramsgate, Kent.

Wells explained to reporters when receiving her prize that she plays 2 tickets every Saturday, one line made up of family birthdays and the other of randomly selected numbers. The mother of two had recently returned from a holiday in France and had about three months’ worth of tickets stuck to her noticeboard to go through and whilst she was happy about winning 25 in July, she couldn’t believe her luck when she realised one of her August tickets had landed her the jackpot.

Sally Ann Wells with Jerry Gregory celebrates her National Lottery win of 1471718

61-year old Gregory, a retired police officer, described to the press the moment he realised they were the newest lottery millionaires. “I heard Sally screaming 'Jerry! Jerry!' and I thought something had happened to her. Either that or she'd spotted a rare bird in the garden. When I got to the kitchen she told me she had won the lottery. I thought it was a wind up!”

The couple have decided to stay in their current house and plan to use their winnings to splash out on a few treats but nothing too excessive. Miss Wells added, “We like things the way they are so yes we'll go on more holidays and get a new car for Jerry, but I'm happy with my life here as it is - and my little Golf.”

"In fact, when we double-checked the numbers that morning we didn't know how to celebrate, so we went to Tesco and did a food shop. And like we always do, we looked at the special offers."

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