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£5.3 Million

Next Draw Date: 17-07-2024
£1.06 per share

UK Lottery
Wednesday | Saturday

Win Big In The UK’s Favourite Lottery Game

Join forces with other syndicate members and play in the UK’s most well-known lottery game! The jackpot starts at £2.1 million and can reach a massive £50 million through rollovers. Get playing in the UK Lottery Syndicate now for a much better chance at taking home the jackpot than if you were to play alone!

Play Together, Win Together

The power of lottery syndicates lies in combining your buying power with other syndicate members and increasing your chances at winning a prize. Each week there are 15 UK Lottery tickets that are distributed among the UK Lottery Syndicate and winnings are shared among the syndicate members relative to how many tickets each members has purchased.

Share The Cost, Increase Your Wealth

By sharing the costs of the UK Lottery tickets with other syndicate members you are able to purchase more tickets without having to break your budget. This let’s you improve your chances at winning big along with all the other members in the UK Lottery syndicate.

So You Don’t Know How To Play The UK Lottery Syndicate?

Each week Giant Lottos buys 15 UK Lottery tickets and distributes them among 150 shares that players can purchase indivudally or in bulk. Remember; the more UK Lottery Syndicate shares you buy the more winnings you take home!

To play in the UK Lottery syndicate you need to decide on how many shares you would like to buy, and for how many weeks you would like to play. UK Lottery draws happen twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

After buying your UK Lottery syndicate shares you will receive a notification email informing you that you have been entered into the upcoming UK Lottery draw. You will also be able to download your e-ticket recepit as a PDF by viewing your transaction history.

Don’t know how to play?

Visit our how to play the UK Lottery Syndicate page for more information

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