We're always being asked to give examples of how people struck it rich on the lottery - what strategy did they use, how did they choose their numbers, how long did they have to play for before they eventually won? As soon as someone hits the big one, thousands of other players want to repeat their success, always looking for that winning formula that will help them beat the odds.

We've heard just about every strategy in our time, and on average, each one seems to work as well as the other. If there's one thing we know for sure, there's no hard-and-fast rule to improving your odds of winning the lottery - what you need to do is pick your own personal winning strategy and then stick to it.

That's where the excitement often comes in though - because while we've heard about all the usual approaches (choosing numbers based on horoscopes, dreams, license plates and more) it's the unusual ones that make us shake our head and say, "how on earth did THAT happen"? And no lottery-winning strategies are more unusual than these:

Aaron Smith - EuroMillions winner

Some call it the Law of Attraction, some call it the power of positive thinking - but if you're Aaron Smith, you call it winning! When he and his family pretended they'd won the lottery over Christmas, complete with celebrations and Facebook pics, little did they realise they'd won for real - and a million pounds at that! Please excuse us while we go post some pics on Facebook…

euromillions winner aaron smith

Susan Crossland - UK National Lottery winner

Many of us put our faith in signs, believing that everything happens for a reason. That's exactly what Susan Crossland did after her father's death, when she took a white feather she found as a sign that her father was still watching over her. Two years later she found another identical feather, prompting her to play her father's lottery numbers that week - a decision that led to her winning a jackpot of £1,218,618 just days later.

uk lottery winner susan crossland

Martyn White - UK National Lottery winner

How many times have you received an email telling you you've won the lottery? If you're anything like us, you get these types of emails on a daily basis, and immediately pass them off as a scam - because we all know it's impossible to win the lottery if you haven't even bought a ticket! Martyn White was sent one such email before going away on holiday, informing him of a jackpot win of £10 million. Despite the fact that he had actually bought a ticket, Martyn brushed off the news as any of us would, and went on holiday - returning days later to find that he and his wife Sandra had genuinely won a massive jackpot of £10,784,075! Now those are the kind of emails we like to get!

uk lottery winner martyn white

Of course, it's difficult to repeat someone else's extraordinary luck and amazing lottery win - but you have to believe in the possibility of your own luck changing someday, in the most unexpected way possible. And the way to kickstart that bizarre winning streak - by buying a lottery ticket online from of course! Simply purchase your winning ticket quickly and easily in just a few seconds, and you could soon be experiencing an astonishing lottery win of your very own! With Giant Lottos online lottery you are able to instantly claim your lottery prizes from wherever you are in the world. Your tickets will never expire as the claims process is fully automated online.


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