We hope you bought a ticket for the past weekend's huge lottery draws, because between the Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions and UK National Lottery, there were some massive jackpot prizes up for grabs! If you've kept a close eye on the draws, you'll already know the outcomes, but just in case you're wondering about your lucky numbers, here's a quick look at what the lotteries were up to this past weekend.

US Powerball makes one player $137 million richer

Let's start with the biggest and best news first - the US Powerball. This giant lottery has been rolling over steadily for a number of draws now, but all that came to a halt on Saturday evening as one lucky Powerball player managed to match all six number for the giant $137 million jackpot! The ticket was bought in New York (so unfortunately no GiantLottos.com winners this time) and the winner has yet to come forward - but if you're sitting on a Powerball ticket, best you check your numbers (8, 14, 39, 46, 47 and 18 are the ones you're looking for).

powerball jackpot won

Whatever you do, don't leave it until the last minute, like the Powerball winner from California last week. This unlucky lottery player sadly managed to lose his lottery ticket - one that would have been worth $1 million if he'd been able to hand it in in time. So even if you think you've checked your Powerball ticket, check it again. You could be sitting on a $137 million jackpot without even knowing it!

Things weren't quite as fantastic in the Mega Millions draw, as Friday night saw the jackpot rolling over to $42 million for this week's draw. But while there were no winners this weekend, there's still the chance that this week could see someone taking the entire jackpot for themselves. The Mega Millions is drawing again tomorrow night, so if you could do with a cash injection of $42 million, you'll need to get your lottery ticket from GiantLottos.com before the draw closes!

Huge winning opportunities in the EuroMillions and UK Lotto

If St Patrick's Day is your favourite holiday, then the EuroMillions jackpot is what you want to be playing for, with a massive £24 million up for grabs on Tuesday 17 March. With Friday's draw going to a rollover, the jackpot has been increased yet again, making St Paddy's Day the ultimate opportunity for you to win a life-changing prize. That's the luck of the Irish, make no mistake!

st patricks day

Players in Saturday night's UK Lottery draw were a little luckier, with one player making off with the entire £3.8 million after matching all six numbers successfully. And with hundreds of other prizes going to the lower tiers, including £38,451 to each of the players who matched five numbers and the Bonus Ball, it was a successful night all round.

Make this week even more of a winning success for yourself, and cash in on all the jackpot action with a lottery ticket from GiantLottos.com. Buy your lottery ticket online today in time for the Tuesday and Wednesday night draws, and get ready to celebrate a week full of excitement, and a bank account full of winnings!

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