UK Lotto Gives Grandfather A £1 Million Christmas Gift!

It doesn't matter how many sales we go to, or how much of our Christmas bonus we try to save (if we even get one) - the holidays are always the most expensive time of the year, and spending is at an all-time high. That's why in November and December, every little extra counts - and if that extra comes in the form of a £1 million jackpot win, so much the better!

As it turns out, that's exactly the gift one grandfather from Rugeley, England, was given last Saturday, and it's one he intends on using to have himself a merry little Christmas indeed!

Lotto jackpot bowls player over

Winning the lottery is the stuff that dreams are made of - but it was a fabulous reality that keen bowls fan, Vic Eden, was faced with last weekend. After having already won £3,000 previously on the EuroMillions lottery, Vic thought his winning days were over, but carried on playing the UK Lotto for fun all the same. Which is why when he realised he had struck it rich with the £1 million Lotto Millionaire Raffle jackpot, he couldn't believe his good fortune at first.

"I never check the tickets on the night of the draw", says Vic. "The following morning I always have a cup of tea and slice of toast in front of me before I check the numbers on the TV – I am a creature of habit! Last Sunday morning I clocked the first two numbers of my Millionaire Raffle code. Then I went through them all and started to shake. I checked them again and again, I can't remember how many times, before calling my son Gary."

Unable to reach his son Gary, who was walking his dogs at the time, Vic phoned his daughter Gillian instead, bursting to share the good news. "I told Gill that I'd won the lottery and she didn't believe me", remembers Vic. "I told her to look on the TV or the internet whilst I shouted out the code. In the meantime Gary was trying to call me back but couldn't get through.

"Then, after they called round to home and we all realised I had won all hell broke loose. I hid the ticket in a special box with seven keys and then Gary called the National Lottery line to stake my claim.

"Family is everything to me and the win is being split three ways with Gary and Gill. The win will ensure a good future for them and the grandchildren but don't ask me what I'm going to spend it on because I'm not really sure." It turns out however, that Vic does have one idea of what to buy himself - a car with a built-in sat nav! We're definitely hitching a ride with Vic the next time we need to go anywhere!

Strike it lucky with huge jackpots this weekend

If you want to follow Vic's example and make this Christmas your most rewarding one yet, there's still plenty of time! The weekend draws are just a few hours away, and the jackpots are climbing as we speak. In fact, tomorrow night's Powerball is set at a staggering $100 million - enough to buy a fleet of cars with sat-nav, if your tastes are similar to Vic's. But whatever you choose to spend your lotto jackpot on, you'll first need to buy a ticket into the draw with Make sure you hurry though - time is ticking, and you don't want to let a massive Christmas jackpot pass you by!

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