Winning Euromillions Ticket Found In The Spin Cycle!

Not a week goes by where we don't hear of one or another lottery winner losing their ticket, and then finding it underneath their car seat, down the back of the couch, or in some other completely random location.

This latest story, however, is one for the books - particularly considering how much the ticket in question is worth!

Recently we brought you news of massive EuroMillions winners, David and Carol Martin, from Hawick in the Scottish Borders, who had won half of an amazing £66 million jackpot.

But who had won the other half, we wondered?

Well, we could be about to find out - since one ticketholder has come forward, claiming that hers is the other £33 million winner.

And where had her ticket been hiding all this time? Why, in the washing machine no less!

Hanging £33 Million in Winnings Out To Dry

When Susanne Hinte from Worcestor bought her ticket for the £66 million EuroMillions jackpot, she never dreamed it could potentially be a winner.

In fact, she was so distracted by babysitting her grandchildren on draw night, she forgot to check her numbers altogether.

It was only when her daughter suggested she take a look that she realised two things: one, that her numbers matched, and two, that she had mistakenly put her lottery ticket through the wash!

Susanne Hinte Euromillions winner

We can't imagine how Susanne felt when she realised her error, but we know we'd feel sick to our stomachs!

Eager to rectify the mistake, Susanne immediately rushed to the vendor where she had purchased her ticket, begging them for help. Unfortunately, while the numbers and part of the date were still visible, the barcode and serial number had been damaged - the two parts necessary for the ticket to be scanned and verified.

Luckily, the lottery operator's rules regarding damaged tickets give customers 30 days to submit their proof of purchase, which is the route that Susanne has gone.

All we can do now is wait for verification from EuroMillions officials, and hope that all works out in Susanne's favour.

As you can imagine, the incident has had a stressful effect on Susanne, as her daughter Natalie, 28, explains:

She said if she is the winner, great. When she found out she had the winning numbers she couldn’t breathe and she hasn’t slept since.
If she has won she wants to set her family up for life and she plans to give some money to charity. The ticket has been through the wash, the numbers are visible but faded.

We'll continue to update you on this nail-biting story as it unfolds - for now, however, we're crossing fingers for Susanne and her family, as there's nothing worse than finding out you've missed out on a lottery jackpot, particularly such a life-changing one!

Susanne Hinte left her winning Euromillions ticket in a wash

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