When it comes to breakfast, there's only one way we like to do it, and that's with bacon. Now if there's a breakfast that could incorporate bacon AND a lotto win, we'd like two helpings and a doggy bag, thanks very much!

Sounds like the stuff of dreams? Well, that's exactly what Maura Davis sat down to recently - a sizzlingly delicious breakfast of bacon cooked by her husband, served up lovingly with a side order of jackpot winnings! We'd like to order from that menu in future please.

Canadian lotto players become overnight millionaires

What started out as a regular weekend morning for the Davis family soon turned out to be a revelatory one - and a moment that changed their lives forever. After buying a lottery ticket for a local Canadian lottery, Donald Davis got up one weekend morning to check on the lotto results before his wife woke up.

lottery winner donald davis

"Every weekend, I wake up in the morning and check the numbers on our computer," says Donald. "I saw we had won and underlined the row of numbers. Then I started making breakfast." Yes, because that's exactly what we'd do if we won the lottery. Not jump up and down screaming like a lunatic.

Ever the cool customer, Donald was still acting his normal self by the time Maura woke up and came down for breakfast. Although this time instead of simply offering her a plate of food, her offered her a little something extra as well - a million-dollar lotto ticket!

"I woke up and saw Don making some bacon," says Maura Davis. "He showed me the ticket with the number underlined and I could not believe it. I still can't believe it!" We bet breakfast tasted extra scrumptious that morning!

While the Davises have had some time to become used to the idea of being instant millionaires, they're still no closer to deciding how to spend their jackpot winnings - although they do plan on saving part of it towards their future.

"At this stage, we have everything we need," says Donald. "We don't owe anything. So we'll take a little for ourselves and put some in savings. Then we'll celebrate with the family."

Celebrate with your own lotto win from

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Whichever lotto you choose, you'll have just as good a chance as anyone of hitting the multi-million jackpot - but only if you buy a ticket first, that is. So make your dreams of living the millionaire life come true and play the top international lotteries today with today. Just think of how much bacon you'd be able to buy if you hit the big one!

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