After so many rollovers recently and so many lottery tickets going unclaimed, it's almost a relief to have an actual jackpot win and actual winners taking home their fortune!

We're talking about this week's EuroMillions draw of course, where not one but two lottery players came up trumps with five main numbers and two Lucky Stars. 15, 33, 41, 44 and 47 were the numbers you needed to strike it rich, plus the Lucky Star numbers 08 and 10 - and that's exactly what happened not just in Portugal, but in Spain too!

Two EuroMillions winners, twice the excitement

It's been months since the EuroMillions jackpot was shared by two players, but on Tuesday night the lottery gods decided a double win was long overdue, and split the £24,827,488 (€32,539,304) jackpot right down the middle. One huge jackpot, two lucky winners, two massive celebrations!


Of course, as with any EuroMillions draw, the winnings weren't reserved exclusively for the top tier - there was plenty of jackpot drama to be had down the lower tiers as well. Three lottery tickets, all purchased in Europe, just missed out on the top spot by managing to match five numbers and one Lucky Star for a very welcome €352,332 prize. And just below in the third tier, three lotto star tickets from Europe and one from the UK snagged a cool £65,134 each thanks to matching the five main numbers.

Four main numbers and one Lucky Star was all it took for another 42 lucky players to win £3,101 each, while the lower levels raked in over 1.52 million in smaller prizes. In fact if you played the EuroMillions on Tuesday, it was almost impossible for you not to win a prize!

If you want to try your hand at winning Europe's favourite jackpot again, Friday night is another chance for you to do so. Just buy your lottery ticket from while there's still time, and make your play for the £11 million jackpot on offer. More than enough to buy all the bright shiny toys on your fantasy shopping list!

Another rollover for the UK Lotto

The UK National Lottery draw on Wednesday evening also had its fair share of winners, although this time not for the top tier, with the main jackpot rolling over for a third time all the way up to £12.2 million for Saturday night's draw. That's not to say that everyone went home empty-handed though, as the lottery had more than 142,000 consolation prizes in store for players. The second tier saw four tickets matching five of the numbers and the Bonus Ball for a prize of £67,927 each, while 107 tickets matched five numbers for a £2,156 win. And over 135,000 players took home a quick £25 for matching three numbers from the draw.

Learn how you can play in the EuroMillions Online lottery here.

This Saturday is when it's all happening though - three rollovers and a £12.2 million jackpot, ripe for the winning. Don't wait till the last minute - buy your lottery ticket online today from and start staking your claim to that million-dollar jackpot. There are houses to buy and cars to drive and yachts to sail, and there's no time like the present for some multi-million winning system that automatically checks your lottery tickets online for you.

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