Luxembourg may not be in the news often, but after last Friday's EuroMillions lottery draw, this small country made big headlines when one lucky Luxembourger scooped a fantastic €31.6 million jackpot on 9 January 2015. Even if you don't speak the native French, German or Luxembourgish of this West European duchy, that's a sizable win in any language!

In fact, it may surprise you to know that this isn't the first time a Luxembourger has walked off with the top EuroMillions lottery prize. That feat was managed in September 2013 in the amount of €31,666,941 - so it looks like if you're after a EuroMillions payout, a trip to Luxembourg might be in order!


Of course, an easier way to play is with Simply purchase your lottery ticket online, choose five main numbers and two Lucky Lotto Stars, and you'll be entered into the EuroMillions lottery draw in a matter of seconds. It's certainly much quicker than flying all the way to Luxembourg - and a lot cheaper too!

If you purchased your EuroMillions lottery ticket with for Tuesday's draw, you'll be eager to find out the results. Sadly, no-one was able to repeat our lucky Luxembourger's winning feat from Friday, with the £11 million jackpot going unclaimed. But where there's bad news, there's good too - because last night's rollover now means that Friday's jackpot is worth an estimated £19 million, giving you even more to play for! (And may we suggest you buy your tickets for the draw as soon as possible, before the Luxembourgers snap them all up!)

But while Tuesday's EuroMillions jackpot remained untouched, there were still more than enough winners to be found down the lower tiers. Four players, including one from the UK, were lucky enough to match all five main numbers of 08, 17, 21, 31 and 34, as well as one of the Lucky Stars of 09 and 10. A job well done, and one impressive enough to net each of them a very decent consolation prize of £193,047 - more than enough to get 2015 off to a fabulous start!

The winnings didn't end there though, with 15 tickets matching five numbers to win £17,159 each, and 36 tickets matching four main numbers and both Lucky Stars for a payout of £3,574 each - a more than tidy sum for their efforts. In fact, all in all Tuesday's EuroMillions draw paid out over 1.73 million prizes, with UK players sharing in £2 million worth of prize money by the end of the night. Not too shabby for a rollover draw!

With £19 million to look forward to on Friday though, there's still another chance for you to make your dreams come true with EuroMillions. All you have to do is buy your lottery ticket online with, choose your numbers and your Lucky Stars, and wait for Lady Luck to look your way! And of course if you can't wait for Friday, there's always tonight's UK National Lottery draw to play for. With a jackpot of £2.1 million up for grabs, it could be just what you need to make 2015 your most rewarding year yet!

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