If your Easter basket could have done with a little more filling this year, there may be a reason for that - because you could be one of the many lotto winners yet to come forward and claim their multi-million prize!

Every year hundreds of millions in lottery winnings around the world go unclaimed, either being incorporated back into lottery jackpots, or being distributed to lottery-sponsored charities and worthy causes. Not that donations and charitable support aren't valuable uses of lottery jackpots, but we hate to think of lottery winners missing out on their jackpots, either because they've lost their tickets, thrown them away, or are simply unaware that the crumpled bit of paper in their wallets is actually worth a small fortune.

Just a few short weeks ago, one USA Powerball winner lost out on a cool $1 million, simply because he'd lost his lottery ticket - and coming forward in person to claim the prize wasn't enough. Stories like this make us howl with frustration - because if players simply kept a closer eye on their lottery tickets, or were more diligent about checking their numbers in time, they could be making their dreams of luxury come true with millions in the bank!

Unclaimed lotto jackpots looking for winners

Just this week alone we've received reports of yet more lotto jackpots begging for winners. And not just any jackpots - huge, multi-million dollar prizes packed with enough money to change someone's life forever. If only they would come forward to claim their prize!

In Tennessee, USA, for example, the small town of Harriman is abuzz with lotto fever - as one unknown player has managed to scoop a colossal $50 million jackpot on the Powerball lottery! Gossip is rife as to who it could be, but as yet no resident has come forward to claim it. Rumour has it that the winner might be an out-of-towner, as it turns out the ticket was bought at a store near the interstate, but whether the winner is local or just passing through, they've still to speak up and claim the millions for themselves.

The same story is playing out across the pond as well, as a £1 million prize from a recent EuroMillions lottery draw is desperately seeking its huge star UK winner. As yet, no-one has come forward with the ticket, meaning that there's one player out there who could be a millionaire, if only they'd check their ticket!

Get your lotto notifications from

Of course, if you're a player, there's no reason to ever worry about missing out on a jackpot - that's because whenever you win a prize on any of our international lotteries, we'll send you an email notification straight away. And should you ever hit the big one and scoop a multi-million jackpot, your dedicated account manager will call you to deliver the fantastic news in person! So there's no need to worry about losing your ticket, throwing it away or checking under the couch covers - because if you play with, you'll always know when you're a winner!

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