Get The Luxury Look With The World's Most Expensive Accessories For Men

Life is in the details as they say, and when you're part of the upper classes, those details are crafted from gold, leather, diamonds and platinum - the luxurious accessories that add the perfect finishing touch of style and class to a look defined by wealth and prestige.

Of course, most of us can only dream of affording the look worn by the world's top movie stars, businesspeople and royalty. A leather belt or gold cufflinks are probably as close as we can get, and even those take months of careful planning and saving. What would it be like to have a bank account filled with cash, your pick of the world's top fashion houses, and access to the most expensive men's accessories money can buy? Probably something a little like this:

The Hublot Baselworld 2011 Big Bang Watch - $2.8 million

Big Bang is right, because this men's watch packs a massively extravagant punch. Coming in at a colossal $2.8 million, this is no ordinary stainless steel and leather creation - this is pure luxury every minute of the day, thanks to 18-carat white gold studded with 637 baguette diamonds, intricately worked by 45 gem cutters. Trade your old watch for this and you won't just be wearing a timepiece - you'll be showcasing a masterpiece of craftsmanship and sophistication.

The Hublot Baselworld 2011 Big Bang Watch

Gucci Diamond Belt - $256,970

Looking for the perfect match to your exquisite diamond watch? You'll find it in the Gucci Diamond Belt, an opulent fashion statement superbly rendered in diamonds and platinum. With a buckle crafted from 250g of platinum and embellishments featuring 30 carats' worth of diamonds, it's not just a belt - it's a wearable work of art.

Gucci Diamond Belt

Zaffiro Iridium Razor - $100,000

If you're part of the upper crust, no ordinary disposable razor will do. Oh no, you want to stay stylish with help from only the very best - which is where the Zaffiro Iridium Razor comes in. Crafted entirely from the precious metal iridium, a substance extracted from meteorites and more rare than platinum or titanium, the Zaffiro is a model of hard-wearing durability, encased in sleek, gleaming good looks. Add to its already impressive exterior a set of blades fashioned from sapphire, and you start to understand why just one razor costs a magnificent $100,000. Definitely a step up from the usual plastic and steel you may be more familiar with!

Zaffiro Iridium Razor

Testoni Dress Shoes - $38,000

You're never fully dressed without a smile - or a good pair of shoes either. And when you think luxury men's shoes, you immediately think Italian leather. For those in the know, the design house Testoni is the epitome of what the world values in Italian footwear - stylish, sophisticated, and painstakingly handcrafted for the ultimate in world-class quality. Encase your feet in a pair of Testoni's genuine alligator leather creations, and find out what it feels like to walk many, many miles in the shoes of the rich and famous.

Testoni Dress Shoes

Itching to dress up your wardrobe with any of these superbly fashioned accessories? Then unless a relative leaves you a windfall in their will (doubtful) a-saving you'll need to go. Or you could just take the easy option instead - one lottery ticket, a handful of lucky numbers, and a life of gold, diamonds, iridium and genuine Italian leather ahead!

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