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€52 Million

Next Draw Date: 25-06-2024
£4.55 per ticket

Time left to Play:

Draw Days: Friday | Tuesday

Win Big With The EuroJackpot!

So what happens when 14 different countries across Europe combine their lottery draws into one? You get the EuroJackpot lottery! And thanks to Giant Lottos, all our players have the chance to play for a minimum jackpot of €10 million, and a maximum payout of a massive €120 million! We hope your passport’s up to date, because this is one winning tour of Europe you won’t want to miss out on.

Play And Win The EuroJackpot Anywhere In The World

Thanks to Giant Lottos, you don’t have to live in Europe to be a EuroJackpot winner. Simply purchase your EuroJackpot tickets online, pick any 5 numbers between 1 and 50 as well as 2 extra numbers between 1 and 12, and if you match all 7, you’ll be an instant winner! The EuroJackpot is drawn every Tuesday and Friday evening, giving you the best start to your weekend you could possibly ask for.

Play The EuroJackpot Your Own Way

You can choose between Quick Pick, Manual, Syndicate or Bundle ticket purchases in the EuroJackpot. You start by choosing your preferred playing option, then buy your EuroJackpot tickets online, and our team will make certain your entries are purchased within the hour. You could be a millionaire moments after the draw has happened!

We Contact You When You Win

Did you miss the EuroJackpot draw? Don’t stress! Once the results have been confirmed, we’ll send you a notification email to your inbox, and any winnings you’re owed will be deposited straight into your Giant Lottos account. And if you’re lucky enough to have hit that big jackpot ,your dedicated Giant Lottos account manager will contact you personally to deliver the great news!

Play EuroJackpot Lottery Syndicates Online

They say sharing is caring so join a EuroJackpot online lottery syndicate and share the wealth with your fellow syndicate members! Need more convinicing? Did you know that playing in lottery syndicates also greatly improve your odds at winning the jackpot? Find out more on joining our EuroJackpot lottery syndicate to see why more and more lottery players are using syndicate play.

Hit the jackpot with the EuroJackpot Lottery today! Here’s how:

1. Firstly, choose how you would like to play: Quick Pick or Manual.

2. If you have chosen Quick Pick, simply choose to buy 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 tickets, and your lucky numbers will automatically picked for you.

3. If you’re the type of player who likes to pick their own EuroJackpot numbers, simply pick the Manual option. Select any 5 main numbers between 1 and 50, and 2 extra numbers between 1 and 12 for every ticket you purchase.

4. Once you’ve made your selections, you can choose to buy your tickets via Single Play, 5 draws, 10 draws or 20 draws. Top Tip: Select 20 draws and you’ll instantly qualify for a discount of 5%. Bonus!

5. After selecting your purchasing option, click the ‘Checkout’ button. Afterwards you’ll be able to view your tickets in your Shopping Cart, and make any changes before finalizing your EuroJackpot purchase.

6. When you’re ready to buy your EuroJackpot tickets click on the ‘Checkout’ button in your Shopping Cart, and you’ll be entered into the next upcoming EuroJackpot draw!

Visit our how to play EuroJackpot page for even more information.

Remember To Get Your Tickets!

The Eurojackpot draw takes place in Helsinki every Tuesday and Friday at 21.00 EET (20:00 GMT). Tickets are sold just prior to the draw, so make sure you know when the EuroJackpot draw closes in your respective area. Giant Lottos continue to sell EuroJackpot tickets just before the draw takes place!

Don’t Play All Identical Last Digits

Plenty of EuroJackpot players use the pattern of picking identical last numbers, such as 4-14-24-34-44, or similar such patterns. The amount of time that these number patterns appear on winning tickets are less than 1% on the EuroJackpot. Keep in mind that winning sets of numbers with no more than one repeated last digit represent nearly 90 percent of all jackpot winning draws in the EuroJackpot draws.

Avoid Playing Lower Number Combinations

The majority of EuroJackpot players tend to play significant calendar dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries or their children’s birthday as their lucky numbers. This means that the numbers from 1 -31 . Since the EuroJackpot has a selection of numbers up to 50, you’re limiting your winning chances by relying solely on calendar dates, instead we recommend keeping your number picks across the whole spectrum.

Keep An Eye On The Jackpot Total

Whether the EuroJackpot is at it’s minimum jackpot of €10 million or the maximum jackpot of €120 million the odds of matching the winning numbers remain the same. However, once the jackpot has reached it’s cap, the winnings are then diverted towards the jackpot on the next draw. This is an ideal opportunity to win a larger prize with better odds.

Will my EuroJackpot winnings be taxed?

EuroJackpot winnings are taxed according to where you are based. Some countries tax the EuroJackpot while some do not.

Do I have to live in Europe to play the EuroJackpot?

No, thanks to Giant Lottos online lotto service any of our players can take part in the EuroJackpot draw without living in Europe.

Does the EuroJackpot have a jackpot cap?

Yes, the EuroJackpot has a jackpot cap of €120 million, after which any rollovers will go toward the jackpot on the next draw.

What happens if I win a prize in the EuroJackpot?

If you win a prize you will be notified via an email, and your winnings will be deposited into your personal Giant Lottos account.

How many different prize tiers does the EuroJackpot have?

There are 12 different prize tiers in the EuroJackpot, each can be won by matching two or more numbers.

Buying Your EuroJackpot Tickets Online

So you may be asking yourself “why should I buy my EuroJackpot tickets online?” By becoming an online member of Giant Lottos you’ll get access to all of our members only benefits and events.

Whenever you buy lotto tickets at Giant Lottos you’ll have access to many of the international lotteries that you may not be able to play locally. These include the USA Powerball, EuroMillions and the EuroJackpot.

Along with all of this, your Giant Lottos account will be managed by a team of dedicated account managers that will help ensure your account details are kept secure, your EuroJackpot winnings are allocated to you in a timely manner and will be able to provide you with any other necessary information you may require.

To see all the past results for EuroJackpot draws, please visit our dedicated EuroJackpot results page.

EuroJackpot draw happens every Tuesday and Friday, and the latest results can be viewed below.

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How Does The SUPA-QP System Choose It's Numbers?

When Giant Lottos developed the SUPA-QP number generator we asked ourselves, "are all lottery number combinations created equal?" And to answer that questions we analysed over 10,000 different lotteries draws across different lottery games and time periods. After analysing the data we would that certain number patterns emerge, especially with the winning number combinations.

The SUPA-QP system finds these combinations and applies them as your own lucky lottery number combinations when you buy tickets. Find out more about the SUPA-QP number system right here.