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Bringing you all the best lottos for over 12 years running GiantLottos has provided lotto players from across the globe access to the world's biggest super lotto draws. Tens of thousands of draws later we've collected and sorted through an incredible amount of data. But, data on its own is useless until it's converted into insights and actionable knowledge.

We are happy to introduce to you your new superpower, SUPA-QP™ Technology!

With a click of a button, our new tech collates a decade worth of lottery information - not only draw data but also the winning strategies of our most successful multi lotto players across our platforms. The result? GiantLottos customers now have exclusive use of a technology that is an online lottery, number picking game, changer.

Super Lotto, Super Lottos

This new technology has been tested and proved, initially through our Super Lotto Players Club, an internal selection of players that have consistently picked winning numbers... Now it's available to any GiantLottos customer who chooses to use the quick pick option to choose numbers.

Over the last 12 months, through massive testing, we have managed to secure a winning formula for our Super Lotto Players Club members. Our methodology was simple, to test this tech through a process of bulk ticket purchasing in super lotto syndicates. We grouped pools of winning players and high probability lottery numbers (chosen with SUPA-QP™ Technology) together to work out better odds for big draw wins.

As our Super Lottos Players Club members will attest to, the results have been nothing short of astounding!

In the last 80 EuroMillions draws Giant Lotto's Super Lottos Club members have seen consistent returns on their bundle ticket investments. With the upcoming EuroMillions Super Draw, we are anticipating one of the biggest jackpot wins to have ever happened from our online lottery ticket purchasing platform. The SuperLottos formula is however not limited to single, bulk or bundle lottery ticket purchases for EuroMillions but unique winning formulas have been constructed into the "random number" quick pick technology for each super lottery on the Giant Lottos website.

This means that all the data we have tracked through the super draw results history for USA Powerball, Mega Millions, UK National Lottery, Euro Jackpot, Irish National Lottery, SuperEna Lotto and Mega Sena to work out a unique algorithm for each lottery draw based on automated statistical analysis for the most likely balls to be drawn together for the next lottery draw and the zodiac numbers for that month of play.

Giant Lottos Super Lucky Quick Pick Technology

What good is a technology if it's difficult to use? Players at Giant Lottos do not need to know the mechanics of number advanced number selection strategies to take advantage of statistical lotto play on Giant Lottos. The SUPA-QP™ technology is built into the standard quick pick selector on every ticket purchasing page.

The SUPA-QP™ technology is so easy to use that it makes Giant Lottos the ideal destination for experienced and novice super lotto players alike to play in the worlds super jackpots each week.

On all single lotto ticket purchases the technology is applied to minimum groups of three ticket batches and in bulk purchase syndicate super plays over time to maximise the probability super lotto strategy to adjusts. The bigger the volume of tickets purchased the more likely players are for hitting those lucky jackpot combinations.

The super lotto SUPA-QP™ also ensures that no duplicate combinations entries are selected for each draw and that all combinations each work to maximise against the statistical, historical and predicted results data that is proprietary to Giant Lottos.

Two Biggest Global Super Lotto Draws

By far the world over seldom sees draws as big as the USA Jackpots the biggest draw in lotto history to-date being the USA Powerball which reached $768.4 Million which was won by a single ticket holder in Wisconsin on March 27, 2019, and the MegaMillions $656 million that was won on March 30, 2012.

These two super USA lottery jackpots are by far some of the most social played jackpots in the world and allow international online lottery ticket purchasing websites like Giant Lottos to purchase lottery tickets from inside the country on behalf of players (wherever they may be in the world).

Playing International Lottery Tickets Online

The phenomenon of purchasing international lottery draw tickets online is not a new idea. For nearly 18 years, the practice has been in play as it does not actually infringe on typical or traditional in-country gambling egislation as the tickets are purchased by specialised companies that are legally situated in the country origin.

This means that no "gambling transaction" is taking place on the website itself and that the actual transaction takes place between the ticket purchaser (the in-country courier) and the actual lottery which is perfectly within the legal rights of the ticket purchaser who holds the tickets on behalf of our star players.

All transactions are streamlined and automated through the wonders of technology these systems service the remote claims of winning tickets and then the reverse currency to credit transactions through the Giant Lottos website.

How To Get The Best Odds On All Your Lottery Ticket Purchases (Using SUPA-QP™ Technology)

If you're still reading and haven't rushed off to register your account with us, what ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! After 12 months of testing through our VIP Super Lotto Players Club members group, now anyone registered with can use this powerful new tech.


  1. Register an account with us here.
  2. An account activation email will be sent to the address you provide - click the account activation button.
  3. Now, go to your lottery of choice and use theSUPA-QP™ option to choose your lucky numbers.

Congratulation! You've just improved your odds of winning!!

How confident are we of your increased odds?

We are so confident of your chances that we'll make you this promise: If you play any of our syndicates, which automatically uses the Supa-QP™ software to select your lucky numbers, and you don't get a win, we'll refund your account immediately.

You either get a win with our syndicates, or we don't want your money. Send us 1 email and we'll promptly refund your account. No form to fill-out or hoops to jump through.

As simple as that!

Giant Lottos is on your side for your lottery winning streak. Helping online lotto players for the last 15 years. Jack Allpots is your friendly guide that will help you play and win on all the best lottos in the world today. UK players can play the gigantic American Powerball and other top lottos online play with some of the biggest celeb lotto stars and Giant the Champions League of online lottery.

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