Let's say you've bought your lottery ticket for the EuroMillions lotto draw tonight (and if you haven't, there's still time to get one from With a £15 million jackpot up for grabs, there's everything to play for!

Back to the original question though. If you've got your EuroMillions lotto ticket in hand, and tonight turns out to be your lucky night, how would you spend your lottery windfall? Sensibly and responsibly, helping out those close to you and securing your financial future? Or would you go wild, snapping up the designer gear you've always coveted, buying the best in cars, homes and getaways, and making the type of crazy purchases you only ever read about?

When you've got money to burn, particularly lotto money that comes rolling into your bank account like a tsunami of awesome, it's completely normal to want to splash out and start living a life of luxury right away. And when it comes to living large, nobody does it better than celebrities - the new royalty and the nouveau riche of the modern age. If you read about some off-the-wall purchase or over-the-top spending spree, chances are it's a tale of celebrity excess - exactly the type you could indulge in if you were to take home tonight's huge EuroMillions lotto jackpot!

If Lady Luck does turn out to be on your side tonight, you too could spoil your family with an outrageous buy - perhaps along the lines of these modest celeb homes:

Matt Damon

Looks like Good Will Hunting turned out to be very good indeed for this Hollywood star - at least if his $20 million pad is anything to go by. Think 13,000 square feet, 170 feet of prime waterfront real estate, a poolhouse and a lavish guesthouse, and you have an idea of how the rich and famous live. And how you could soon be living too, if and when you bank your lotto millions!

matt damon giantlottos

Bruce Willis

What do you call it when you buy a property for $9 million and then flip it for $22 million a few years later? We call it pulling a Bruce Willis, because that's exactly what this megastar did with a Spanish hacienda he purchased in 2004. Just think - a few lotto millions in the bank and you too could soon become a Hollywood real estate magnate!

bruce willis giantlottos

Christina Aguilera

If living like a pop princess is more your style then you may want to take a leaf out of Christina Aguilera's book - a songstress who's sitting pretty in a Beverly Hills mansion worth a cool $13.5 million. This is no ordinary home though - it's divalicious to the max, complete with its own beauty spa, hair salon and recording studio. Get pampered, get styled and put out a hit record - all in a day's work if you're camping out at this modern-day palace!

christina aguilera giantlottos

Leonardo di Caprio

Finally, if all you're looking for is a beach house, you may want to follow Leonardo di Caprio's lead - with an $18.5 million Malibu estate, set right on the Pacific Ocean. Who needs to travel to faraway exotic locations when you have the beach on your doorstep. Just think of all the holiday money you'll save!

leonardo dicaprio giantlottos

Planning on an extravagant hideaway of your own? Then tonight's EuroMillions draw is waiting! Simply buy your lottery tickets online from and you too could be living life like a celeb in a glitzed-out luxury home. Just buy your tickets right now in time for tonight's draw, and the next door you open could be the one to your million-dollar mansion!

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