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Charity and the lottery are two things that go hand-in-hand with one another. Many recent lottery winners have given away generous amounts of their winnings to charities close to their heart. For example, Canadian lottery winner Tom Crist recently gave away the whole $40 million jackpot he won to various cancer charity organisations in honour of his late wife. Last year, a EuroMillions jackpot winner who won € 72 million donated more than half of his winnings to numerous non-profit charities.

It’s not just the lottery players who are known to be charitable, the lottery organisers also get themselves involved. The UK National Lottery is renowned for their large-scale donations to charity and donate approximately £33 million to community projects each week. Additionally, a recent poll of UK Lottery jackpot winners showed that 87% of jackpot winners donated a portion of their winnings to charity. Who would have thought?

But even more surprising than lottery organisers and winners donating to charity is the fact that the people who sell you lottery tickets online also donate to charity and even get their hands dirty and directly participate with charity organisations.

Perhaps you didn’t know but also donates a portion of their profits to charity. Over the last 7 years, GiantLottos has donated a portion of the profits made through ticket sales and commissions to charities including CANSA, Royal Rehab and WWF.

GiantLottos employees participating in the Bambini Dream charity project

Giant Lottos Employees helping out with Bambini Dream

GiantLottos donates profits to fight cancer through CANSA

CANSA is a Southern African organisation which helps fight against cancer in the region. The non-profit organisation, established in 1991, conduct cancer research, hold seminars for stakeholders and do their utmost to provide support to cancer patients around Southern Africa.

GiantLottos donates profits to help the disabled through ROYAL REHAB

ROYAL REHAB is a relatively young Australian organisation who have been in existence since 2011. The full name of the organisation is “The Rehabilitation & Disability Support Network”. ROYAL REHAB help give disabled patients a new perspective on living with disabilities and also offer them a better chance at living a normal life.

GiantLottos donations to the WWF

The WWF also known as the World Wildlife Fund, are an organisation based in South Africa who work on conservation of the country’s wildlife. The WWF use their expertise to conserve biodiversity and wildlife and to protect the natural environment.

GiantLottos support of “The Bambini Dream”

The GiantLottos staff have also gotten involved with the non-profit organisation supporting young, underprivileged children, “The Bambini Dream”. In addition to donations to the fund, staff members have also taken time out to visit the Cape Town children involved with the project. The organisation’s overall goal is to help children who are currently dealing with extreme poverty, crime, gangsterism, violence and abusive families. Definitely a charity that GiantLottos are happy and proud to lend a hand to.

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"Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear." – Nelson Mandela

The late Nelson Mandela’s quote regarding the importance of children didn’t fall on deaf ears with the fund in the process of creating the “Dream House”, a children’s centre for music, art and healing. The centre will use professional therapists to teach the underprivileged children valuable cognitive and social skills. The centre also focuses on Music Therapy and Art Therapy. These health fields allow the children to use sound and art to combat the social, psychological and traumatic challenges that the children face on a daily basis.

GiantLottos is happy to work with The Bambini Fund to give children a better chance at living a successful life despite coming from often dangerous and hazardous areas. Empowering children is something that we take great pride in and the children involved with the fund often teach us valuable life lessons.

GiantLottos staff with the “The Bambini Dream” kids at a shelter for stray dogs, “The Underdog Project”

Giant Lottos Bambini Dream

In addition to financial support for the charity, GiantLottos staff recently spent a day with the children visiting a shelter for stray dogs as part of “The Underdog Project”. The purpose of the project was to teach children kindness and compassion for our four-legged friends.

Giant lottos charity help

The children got an opportunity to play with both puppies and elder dogs as part of the project. We got involved by bringing canned food, toys, collars and leashes to help out these abandoned animals. The children participated by distributing the gifts and asked many questions regarding the care and maintenance of animals. The kids really enjoyed themselves and there were smiles all round, on the faces of both the children and the dogs.

Do you want to get involved with any of the charities listed above. It’s really simple, buy your lottery tickets online from GiantLottos at the best prices with a chance of winning the jackpot, you will also be contributing to all the charities listed above! With your help, we can continue to help the fight against cancer, to support and assist disadvantaged children and the disabled and much, much more. Let’s make the world a better place!

Comment on which charity you would like GiantLottos to get involved with

Since GiantLottos launched in 2005, we’ve had thousands of global lottery fans doing their part for charity with each ticket that is purchased. We would like to hear from you what charities you think we should get involved with and why. We’d love to help more people around the world and we can’t wait for your feedback so we can help other organisations around the world.

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