Just Dance - With A Lady Gaga Collection Worth £10,000!

When it comes to the crazy, mad, weird, wonderful and fabulous purchases by new lottery winners, we've pretty much seen and heard it all by now. There are the popular buys, like a new house, new car and luxury holiday getaway. There are the charitable donations, gifts of money to friends and family, and numerous debt repayments. And then there are the ones that blow our minds, like cosmetic surgery, wild (and mostly illegal) partying, and real estate on the moon (oh yes).

But nothing says extravagant like a purchase covered with glitter and rhinestones and rock stardom - more specifically, the unbelievable collection of Lady Gaga memorabilia recently purchased by EuroMillions mega winner, Adrian Bayford.

On the edge of glory with a £148 million win

If you're Adrian Bayford, winner of a colossal £148 million on the EuroMillions lottery, the second-biggest jackpot ever won in the UK, it's almost expected that you would splash out on a range of random and ridiculous purchases. After all, with so many millions in the bank, the thought of ever running out of cash is almost an impossibility.

adrian bayford2

But the latest purchase from this 516th person on Britain's Rich List has even us scratching our heads - as Bayford is now the proud owner of the biggest collection of Lady Gaga memorabilia in the world. Worth an amazing £10,000, this is no ordinary closet of old dresses and second-hand clothes. No, as you can imagine from this iconic performer, it's a selection of her best shoes, costumes and vinyl discs - a variety of designer pop collectibles guaranteed to surprise and delight.

It's this exact reaction that Bayford is hoping to elicit, however, when he puts the collection up for sale in his new music shop - a throwback to his original career pre-EuroMillions, when he owned a small music shop in Haverhill. Although he was eventually forced to close his store after winning the lottery, despite his attempts to keep it open, it seems that Bayford's heart is still in the music industry - a passion that obviously prompted his noteworthy purchase.


"He wants the shop to be the biggest Lady Gaga memorabilia collection in the world", reveals a source. "But I’m not sure he’d admit his love of Gaga to his friends because they’ll mock him."

Whether you find Bayford's new purchase tease-worthy or not, it's worth popping into the store to take a look when it opens - as apart from an up-close-and-personal look at Lady Gaga, you'll also have the chance to browse a selection of costumes once belonging to Madonna, music collections from Oasis and the Beatles, and a variety of props from the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It's everything you need to satisfy the entertainment geek within - something Bayford is obviously cleverly hoping to cash in on.

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