Keep On Shopping! More Of The World's Most Expensive Luxury Items, Just For You

Looking for more ways to become the dictionary definition of extravagance? Then have we got a selection for you - a veritable smorgasbord of sumptuousness with each item more lavish and more overpriced than the last! Get that chequebook ready because those lotto millions of yours are getting spent, and that's a fact!

Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva - £47,000 per night

You know that fabulous vacation you'll be taking as a new member of the upper classes? We suggest you spend it In Switzerland, more specifically at the Hotel President Wilson, in their fantastically lavish penthouse suite. Of course this is no ordinary top floor luxury - this is indulgence at its finest, complete with twelve rooms, a gym and wellness centre, an actual grand piano and your own private chef. And should you need to escape from the paparazzi (because who doesn't) you'll have your own elite security team to keep you safe from prying eyes. No wonder stars like Michael Jackson and Rihanna have enjoyed the hotel's hospitality - and no wonder they've paid a massive £47,000 per night for the privilege!

Royal Penthouse Suite Hotel President Wilson Geneva

Handbag: Geranium Porosus, Hermès - £74,000

Life is in the details - and luxury is too, something you'll find out the minute you're able to afford the world's most decadent accessories. Take the Geranium Porosus handbag by Hermès for example - an extraordinary work of fashion art that recently sold for an unbelievable £74,000 at auction. Hand-crafted from the rarest fabrics and materials and bearing the renowned Hermès name, it was never going to be a bargain - we just can't get over paying that much for one single piece of arm candy! Could this be the world's most sought-after handbag? At least one fabulously wealthy bag lover believes so - now it's your turn to find out!

Geranium Porosus handbag

Mercedes-Benz W196 - £17.4 million

Of course when you win the lotto you're going to need a car to make all the neighbours jealous. But don't spend your millions on just any old car - why not splash out on something truly one-of-a-kind, like the Mercedes-Benz W196! This priceless piece of automotive history drove Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss to Formula One fame and fortune in the 1950s, and it could soon take you places too - if you can afford the £17.4 million it was auctioned off for in 2013!

Mercedes Benz W196

Supercomplication, Patek Philippe - £6.5 million

If you're anything like us, you'll quit your job the second you win the lottery - which means you'll have masses of free time to enjoy from here on out! Keep an eye on your hours and hours of leisure time with the world's most expensive watch - the Supercomplication from Patek Philippe. Sold at auction in 1999 for a staggering £6.5 million, this is no ordinary timepiece - it's a marvel of modern engineering masquerading as a gold pocketwatch. And as a new multi-millionaire, it's time you owned one for yourself!


Buy one, buy them all - the world's most luxurious items are waiting, and all that's standing between you and them is one lottery jackpot! Get your ticket for the weekend draws today and get ready to experience what it feels like to be a massive lotto winner! Let us know in the comments section which is your favourite!

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