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€1 Million

Next Draw Date: 15-07-2024
£2.50 per ticket

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Draw Days: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

Daily Draws To Win Millions!

Held every day in Dublin, the Irish Daily Million gives punters a chance to win every day of the week. There is €1 million up for grabs every draw, and now with Giant Lottos you can win big with the Irish Daily Million from anywhere in the world!

Win Big Without Leaving Home

Part of the magic of Giant Lottos is that you can win jackpot millions all from the comfort of your own home. Just sit back, pick your Irish Daily Million lucky numbers and wait for the draw to see if you’re a winner. All without leaving your couch.

Good News Travels Fast

Lotto winning news travels, and Irish Daily Million winners get the good news directly into the inbox. If you’ve played in any Irish Daily Million draw we will send your results and winning confirmation to your supplied email address. And if you’re lucky enough to bag the €1 million? We’ll contact you directly to deliver the great news!

How To Play Irish Daily Million Online

  1. First off choose either the Quick Pick or Manual play option.
  2. The easier option is Quick Pick, whereby your lucky numbers are automatically selected for you.
  3. If you’d like to choose your own lucky numbers then choose the Manual option. Select six numbers each from a 1 - 39 number pool.
  4. After you have your lucky numbers decide how many Irish Daily Million draws you would like to play in. Play in either single draw, 5 draws, 10 draws or 20 draws.
  5. After you have your tickets and lucky numbers just click the ‘Checkout’ button and all your tickets will be moved to the Shopping Cart section.
  6. Once all your tickets are in the Shopping Cart you can complete the purchase and be entered into the upcoming Irish Daily Million draws.

Visit our how to play Irish Daily Million page for even more information.

Play Odd And Even Irish Daily Million Numbers

A very common strategy is to pick either only odd or only even numbers. This will effectively halve your chances of winning a prize so make sure to use the numbers across the entire number pool.

Pick One Drawn Number From A Previous Draw

It is estimated that around 40% of the time at least one number from a previous draw will come up in the next draw.

Avoid Using Calendar Dates

Probably the most common strategy when choosing lucky numbers is to pick them using significant calendar dates. The problem with this method is that calendar dates only go up until 31 while the number pool for the Irish Daily Million.

How many numbers are in the Irish Daily Million?

The number range for Irish Daily Million is 1 - 39 and six numbers must be picked for every ticket. There is no bonus number.

Can I play Irish Daily Million if I don’t live in Ireland?

Yes, with Giant Lottos online lotto service you can play and win the Irish Daily Million directly from your home.

What is the minimum guaranteed jackpot?

Each Irish Daily Million draw has a guaranteed payout of €1 million.

Is there a jackpot cap for the Irish Daily Million?

There is no jackpot cap or any rollovers for the Irish Daily Million.

Are my Irish Daily Million winnings taxable?

Your lottery winnings are subject to the tax laws of the country that you are playing from.

How Does The Supa-QP System Work?

Our Supa-QP technology has the ability to analyse tens of thousands of past lottery draws in an instant, and then recognize patterns, 'hot' or 'cold' numbers and which numbers have been more lucky statistically speaking. Our Supa-QP technology is available to use on the Quick Pick option for all of our major lottery games.

Find our more about the Giant Lottos Supa-QP number technology right here.