From bumper US lottery jackpots to huge European prize draws, there was everything to play for in the first weekend of May. And if you were part of the lottery action as a member, we hope that you managed to carve yourself a huge slice of the lotto riches up for grabs!

US lotto jackpots roll over to huge mid-week totals

First let's take a look at how lotto fans fared Stateside. All eyes were on the Mega Millions drawing on Friday night, which lived up to its name with a mega $96 million jackpot. Sadly, the main prize went begging with no lotto players choosing the winning combination of 17, 18, 61, 66, and 74, with a Mega Ball of 3. That's the bad news - the good news is that no winners on Friday means an even bigger jackpot for this Tuesday's draw - $110 million to be exact! Get all six lucky numbers correct and you'll soon be choosing whether to take that $110 million as an annuity, or as a $69 million cash option - exactly the kind of big decision we'd love to be making!

Over in the Powerball on Saturday night, it was a case of déjà vu for lottery fans, with the huge $70 million jackpot rolling over to an even more impressive $80 million drawing on Wednesday, 8 May. Get your Powerball tickets in time from, and you could soon be juggling a whole lot of zeroes, and a whole lot of important life decisions - like which colour Ferrari to buy first!

A win some/lose some weekend for European lottos

On the other side of the pond, things looked a little more lively in the European lotto pool - at least for UK National Lottery players. Proving that winning the lottery can be done, UK Lotto fans stepped up to the plate in style, with Saturday night's £2.9 million UK National Lottery jackpot being won by not one, but two lucky players. Splitting the jackpot an equal 50/50 with a £1.4 million jackpot for both, Saturday night's winners showed the lotto world just how it's done!

The win came in stark contrast to that of the EuroMillions and EuroJackpot lotto draws, however, with both jackpots rolling over to even bigger totals for their next drawings. Play the EuroMillions lotto this Tuesday night and you'll be going for a huge £22 million, while a ticket into Friday night's EuroJackpot draw will give you a shot at a gigantic €90 million!

Buy your mid-week lottery tickets from

So while the weekend may not have been as lucky as some would have liked, there are still millions of winning opportunities to be had this week - but you'll need to buy your lotto tickets in time in order to make the most of them!

Luckily thanks to, there's no need to run down to the corner shop for your tickets - just buy them online quickly and easily and you'll have entry into your favourite international lotto draws in minutes. And who knows - get the right winning combination on your tickets, and you could be reading next week's lotto results from the deck of your own private yacht in the Caribbean! All it takes is one lottery ticket from, and your dreams could come true in an instant!

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