How You Can Avoid Online Lottery Scams | How To Identify A Lottery Scam

It seems we can't move these days without being told we've won the lotto. Text messages, emails, phone calls - it's as if the world's lotteries are desperate for us to know that we've hit the jackpot, and will soon be raking in millions in lotto winnings. Just one, small, tiny, miniscule problem. We don't remember buying a ticket!

Con artists and scamsters have made a fortune over the years taking advantage of people's naïveté, trusting nature, and willingness to believe in outrageous luck. Add all that to people's desperation to have huge sums of money come their way, particularly in the current economic climate, and you have a fraudster's ultimate dream - people who will genuinely believe they've won the lotto, simply because someone official-sounding tells them they have.

Avoid Lottery Scams

You would think that with so many online alerts and people sharing their scam experiences and issuing warnings, that the number of lotto fraud cases would lessen, but in fact statistics show that the amount of people taken in by such cons is just as high as it ever was.

Senior citizen loses almost $300,000 in lotto scam

Most recently in Texas, a senior citizen was duped out of almost $300,000 in savings, when she was called and told she had won the lotto. Despite not having bought a ticket, the 70-year-old believed the con artist on the other end of the line, even when a red flag was raised by the request for money to be sent before the jackpot could be collected. Convinced by the scam artist's smooth delivery, and the promise of a generous lotto jackpot, the woman continued to send money as asked - almost $300,000 in total - without ever seeing a cent of her so-called lotto winnings.

It's a sad tale, but what's even sadder is that it's becoming an all-too-familiar one, particularly among senior citizens, who seem to be preyed on by fraudsters looking to capitalise on their loneliness and solitude.

Fact vs fiction: How to tell a real lotto mail from a fake one

Similar lotto scams are taking place worldwide, and if you're already a lotto player, you need to be extra vigilant to ensure you don't confuse a legitimate lottery ticket buy of yours with a fraudulent one. As a member, if you win a sum of money playing any of our lotteries, you'll either receive a notification email telling you the good news, or if your prize is jackpot-worthy, you'll receive a personal phone call from your dedicated account manager.

If you're ever unsure as to the legitimacy of a notification email, just look out for the following:

  • Does it ask you to keep your winnings a secret until you receive your money? Legitimate lotto operators will never ask you to do this.
  • Does it ask you to send through some type of administration or processing fee in order to receive your money? Make sure you know that it is legitimate lottery operator before you send any funds.
  • Does it ask you for personal information such as your banking details, passport number, and so forth? Always be certain who it is that is getting your information.
  • And of course, most importantly, make sure you've bought a ticket for a draw before celebrating your win!

Keep these guidelines in mind, and you're sure to always stay safe from con artists and fraudsters. So remember - the next time you buy your lottery tickets online from, keep your ticket information in a safe place, look out for red flags on any winning notifications you may receive, and keep your head about you at all times. Playing to win is fantastic, but playing it safe is far more important.


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