If you've been keeping an eye on the biggest news in lottery this week, you'll know that the winner of Friday's Mega Millions $270 multi million lotto jackpot is still at large.

While it's a mystery that's been keeping players all over the world guessing, it's a story that's got people talking too. Who is the winner? Why haven't they come forward? Do they even know that they've won such a headline-making lottery jackpot?

Speculation is rife, but one thing's for sure - as soon as the lottery winner comes forward, their life will be irrevocably changed from that moment on.

What not to do: advice from a past lottery winner

One person who knows just what that life-changing moment feels like is Alex Snelius, who took home an $18 million lottery win in 2000. While Alex was excited by his win at first (and who wouldn't be?) he quickly came to realise that winning millions of dollars was more of a curse than a blessing.

In a bid to offer much-needed advice to the mystery Mega Millions winner, Alex has come forward with some guidelines based on his own experience of becoming an instant millionaire. Firstly, and surprisingly too, Alex recommends distance from friends and family. “One thing I would eliminate: friends and relations, because they’re [the] worst enemy of all, the friends and relations.” Sadly, Alex's close friends and relations left him in the lurch after borrowing $3 million and then reneging on the loan - some even filing for bankruptcy in the process.

alex snelius

Another piece of advice? Keep working! Now retired, Alex realises his withdrawal from his previous job in the trucking industry was a mistake. "To keep sharp, keep working!" There go our fantasies of ringing up the boss and quitting on the spot!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly Alex's final piece of advice is this: “Give it to charity. That’s the most important thing.” For the past 15 years, Alex has made a $100 donation to White Sox Charities for each home run, in honor of his late wife Ursula. What's more, Alex has also given away $3 million in donations over the years, including support to Catholic initiatives. His philanthropy and selflessness have been praised, with Cardinal Francis George presenting him with an honorary zucchetto for his efforts.

While Alex's lottery-winning experience may have had a few downsides over the years, he still continues to play the lottery regularly - although this time he has different plans for the money, should lightning choose to strike twice: “Right now, if I could win the lottery again, I’d probably give it all away.” We'd love to think we were that honorable, but there would definitely be a supercar or two thrown in there as well!

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The biggest Mega Millions jackpot that has been won by a single person is 265 million dollars. It was handed over on February 24, 2015, and the winning numbers consisted of 26, 32, 44, 45 and 58 + Mega Ball 11.
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