You've got your lotto syndicate, you've got your favourite international lottery tickets, and you've got your preferred draw dates. So far everything's been going smoothly and you're loving the lotto syndicate action. But now you're looking for something different - something bigger, something even more exciting, and something guaranteed to provide more lotto thrills and more winning action than you've ever enjoyed before.

Introducing the all-new MegaPower Syndicate - a first for and your ticket to stratospheric lotto winnings! Packing the jackpot punch of not one, but two mammoth US lotteries, the MegaPower Syndicate is exactly the life-changing experience you and your syndicate members have been looking for!

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Get on board with the MegaPower Syndicate today, and you'll be enjoying the best of both worlds when it comes to top US lotteries - because you'll be playing both the US Powerball and the Mega Millions lottos at the same time! That's more jackpots to play for, more entries into the draws, and more multi-million winning opportunities!

How the MegaPower Syndicate works

You already know how a regular syndicate works - you get your prescribed number of tickets into your chosen international lotteries each week on your chosen draw dates, spreading the cost between syndicate members for more chances to win with each ticket you buy.

The MegaPower Syndicate works in exactly the same way - just on a far bigger, far grander scale. Now instead of purchasing only a handful of lotto tickets each week, you'll be buying 500, and leveraging the jackpot power of four different draw dates!

Here's how it works:

Each week our MegaPower Syndicate will purchase 500 tickets for your lotto syndicate, into both the USA Powerball and USA Mega Millions lotteries. As such, you'll receive:

  • 500 tickets (125 for each of the two weekly Powerball draws, and 125 for each of the two weekly Mega Millions draws)
  • 500 shares per syndicate (with a minimum purchase of 2 shares per syndicate)
  • 5,000% increased odds to win (over a single ticket purchase)!

Win up to $1 billion in top lotto jackpots!

With so many tickets for your syndicate, your chances of hitting the top jackpot prize are vastly increased. And with maximum jackpots of $590 million in the US Powerball and $656 million in the Mega Millions, that's a combined total of $1.25 billion you could potentially be playing for every week! Just imagine how many Ferraris and Learjets and French chateaux you could all be buying with that!

Even the minimum jackpots are nothing to be sniffed at - a total of $65 million, that could give you a hugely rewarding cut of $650,000 if you were to buy just 5 shares in 2 jackpot combinations!

Buy your MegaPower Syndicate lotto tickets today!

Worth playing for? Then get your tickets into the billion-dollar MegaPower Syndicate today! Just buy your lottery tickets online quickly and easily with, and get your entries into two of the world's biggest and best international lotteries. The sooner you do, the sooner you and your syndicate members could be living the life you deserve with the lotto jackpots you've always dreamed of!

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