Olé Olé Olé Olé! The Euromillions Has Been Won!

It's official! After last night's EuroMillions lottery draw, the massive rollover jackpot has finally been won! Three draws the jackpot's gone without finding a lucky winner, but last night its unbeaten streak came to an end as one lucky winner managed to match all five numbers and both Lucky Stars for a convincing €39 580 687 win!

While the details of last night's winner are still to be confirmed, what we can tell you at this early stage is that the winning EuroMillions lottery ticket was bought in Spain - so even though it's wintertime right now, it's sure to be one muy caliente Christmas for our lucky lottery winner! Choosing the main numbers 03, 07, 12, 13 and 25, and the Lucky Star numbers 05 and 08 was all it took, and that jackpot was finally knocked off its top spot and taken home for the holidays.

We don't know what Spain's latest EuroMillions winner will be doing with all their prize money, but we have a few suggestions. Such as a fabulous holiday home in the Caribbean (with room for guests), a fleet of Lamborghinis (so the guests have something to drive) and maybe a personal shopping trip on a private jet to New York, Milan and London (the guests need something to wear after all). And by some amazing coincidence, we happen to be free right now, in case there are any fabulous holiday home guest rooms going begging. Just saying...

Of course, because the EuroMillions is the gift that keeps on giving at this time of year, there was more than one lottery player with a smile on their face after last night's draw. Thanks to their being able to match the five main numbers and one Lucky Star, five more lotto players walked off with a sizable win, netting themselves €222 312 each. And another 11 players took home a Christmas bonus to the tune of £23 584 for matching the five main numbers. Happy holidays indeed!

Even though the rollover jackpot has finally been won, there's still good news for you though. That's because Friday's EuroMillions jackpot stands at approximately £11 million - nothing to sneeze at and everything still to play for! Don't forget if you want to be in the running for the best Christmas present ever, you'll need to get in the game first - and the quickest way to do that is by buying a lottery ticket online from GiantLottos.com. One quick lottery purchase, and you could be on your way to giving your family their most rewarding Christmas yet!

In fact, why wait till Friday? The UK National Lottery is being drawn tonight, and because the main jackpot has rolled over for a fourth time, it MUST be won tonight. There's a jolly £14.7 million to play for, and just six numbers to match. It could be anyone's - why not yours? And just imagine how many turkeys you could buy with £14.7 million! So get in the game for multi-million winnings with the UK National Lottery and EuroMillions, and buy a lottery ticket online from GiantLottos.com today!

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