It seems that with the advent of social media these days, more and more people are finding themselves in the celebrity limelight. Just ask Jane Park, the UK's youngest ever EuroMillions winner. Not content with taking home £1 million on the lotto in 2013, this teen lotto winner is now on everyone's lips for a different reason - a potential upcoming stint on popular reality show, Celebrity Big Brother.

Sources reveal that producers are "desperate" to have her appear on the show - and it's not hard to see why. Between hitting the jackpot at the age of 17, starring in a documentary, paying for breast enhancement surgery, threatening to sue lotto operators Camelot, and being arrested for drink driving, Jane Park is nothing if not a controversial figure - and controversy makes for excellent TV viewing!

“Producers know how much attention Jane is getting at the moment and they are desperate to sign her for the new series”, an insider disclosed. “She isn’t afraid of saying what is on her mind and would be the perfect signing for the show.”

Since her win in 2013, Jane has been no stranger to front page news, toasting her original good fortune with a soft drink, being under the legal drinking age at the time. Unsure of how to manage her winnings at first, she splashed out as any teen would, booking holidays in Ibiza, paying for cosmetic surgery, buying a season ticket to watch her favorite football team, and investing in a white Range Rover with a custom pink interior. Although she purchased her own home and lived on her own for a time, she soon moved back home with her mother, citing loneliness as the reason.

Although causing a furore at the time of her win, Jane has been living under the radar for the most part - until recently, that is. Stating vehemently that she wanted to sue lotto bosses for "ruining her life", Jane hit the tabloids again and cemented her position as headline news by being banned from driving after being arrested with a blood alcohol content three times over the legal limit. Now, thanks to her blooming relationship with X Factor alum, Sam Callahan, she's firmly on the front page once again - with reality TV snapping at her heels. And all thanks to winning a single lottery jackpot!


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