Dos And Don'ts: How To Choose Winning Lottery Numbers – Part 2

If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your winning lottery number choices, then you’ve come to the right place! Yesterday we started you off with a few top lucky number strategies, and today we’re picking right up where we left off, with more tips on how to increase your odds of not just winning, but winning more when you do!

1. Do – Avoid using ‘birthday numbers’

While the temptation to make up your winning lottery number combination from the birthdays of friends and family is strong, it’s an impulse that should be avoided if you can help it. Although there’s nothing wrong with using the birth date of a loved one, it nevertheless limits you to a range of numbers between 1 and 31, leaving all numbers from 32 onwards wide open for other lotto fans to sneak in and play. What’s more, since choosing birthdays (and anniversaries) is a strategy preferred by a full 40% of lottery players, the chances of you sharing an eventual jackpot with other players is high. And when you hit the big one, you want it all to yourself!

2. Don’t – Use numbers given in astrological predictions or fortune cookies

Again, the urge to pick lottery numbers given to you based on your horoscope or found arbitrarily in a fortune cookie can be a strong one – but similarly, this is also an instinct that should be ignored. That’s because if you’re playing your tailor-made Gemini horoscope numbers, chances are millions of other people are as well. What’s more, your fortune cookie numbers may not be as random as they seem – just ask the USA lottery winners from 2005, who had to split a jackpot 110 ways after it was discovered that they had all played the same combination of numbers found in a fortune cookie. Rather enjoy it as a sweet treat at the end of your meal, and choose your winning lottery numbers another way!

lottery winning numbers no to fortune cookies

3. Don’t – Make pattern choices

You might think that choosing your winning lottery numbers based on patterns is a unique and individual method, but in fact it’s far more common than you realise. Selecting numbers that, when marked, create a pattern on the playboard is a time-honoured selection process, and common patterns include horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, letters of the alphabet such as X or M, zigzags, crosses, and the four corners or the centre of the board. Again, while there is nothing inherently wrong with pattern choices, at the end of the day you could find yourself splitting your long-dreamed-of jackpot with a bevy of other players, rather than laying claim to the whole prize yourself.

4. Don’t – Choose recently drawn numbers

While it may seem a good idea to choose winning lottery numbers that have recently come up in a lotto draw, the fact is that no one number is inherently more or less lucky than another. Although the prevailing belief is that numbers that have recently been drawn in a jackpot may be luckier, in fact selecting them could actually hinder your chances of winning, rather than help. In order to ensure your eventual lottery jackpot is yours, and yours alone, rather choose your numbers entirely at random – or use our Quick Pick facility to make your choices for you. Not only will this ensure your winning lottery number combination is completely your own, it’ll increase your chances of being the sole jackpot winner when you eventually hit the big one!

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Now that you’ve got more than enough to get started with, it’s time to put your new-found number selection skills to the test! The weekend jackpot draws are coming up, and this is your chance to lay claim to them. Simply logon to, take your pick of the top international lotteries on offer, and choose your winning lottery numbers with a little help from our dos and don’ts. Because you’re only ever a few smart number choices away from millions in lottery winnings!

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