Lucky Horoscope Numbers - Pick Lotto Numbers Using Your Star Sign

Use Lucky Horoscope Numbers and you will thank your lucky stars you did! If you're looking for divine guidance this article covers all you need to know about choosing your next lucky lottery horoscope numbers.

There are, of course, as many ways to choose your lucky lottery numbers as there are stars in the sky. You might have previously chosen your lucky lottery numbers based on:

  • Birthdays of family or friends
  • Use important dates like anniversaries
  • Important sequences like phone numbers
  • The jersey numbers of your favourite sports stars
  • The license plate of your first car
  • Complete randomness; picking any number you feel like without any discernible strategy in mind

We all have our own personal way of playing the lottery - a way of choosing the numbers that resonate with us the most.

Nevertheless, today we're looking for lucky lottery number advice straight from the heavens above. We're gonna be talking about using Star Signs to choose your Lucky Lottery Horoscope Numbers. And this strategy is as popular as ever!

Today's lucky horoscope is tomorrow's lottery fortune

Choosing lucky lottery numbers using horoscope's suggestions is a strategy based on the theory that our daily lives are affected by the movements of the moon, sun, and planets.

It might be a novel idea to you, but in fact, the idea of using a horoscope to determine lucky numbers is one that has been around for years. Astrologers have even gone so far as to promote an idea known as "the Luck Cycle"... a particular time in your astrological cycle when one's luck is at its peak.

Here's the idea

The idea is simple and twofold...

  1. Choose your Lucky Horoscope Numbers based off of your zodiac star signs suggestions.
  2. Optional: either play your Lucky Horoscope Numbers (or just your regular numbers) when your horoscope says your star sign is in a Lucky Cycle.

The exact steps will follow shortly.

Non-believers might scoff at such an idea... If you're a sceptic, however, I'll point you in the direction of Carly Wigget and Becky Witt from Kent who won £336,277.60 in the EuroMillions lottery. All thanks to a little serendipitous nudge from their respective horoscopes.

While reading her horoscope one day Carly came across a piece of advice urging her to team up with a friend for a successful venture. She enlisted the help of her friend Becky, who had also just found out from her own horoscope that playing the lottery could be a wise move (Luck Cycle).

They took action...

Encouraged by the clear signs the pair bought a Euro Millions lottery ticket. And, surprise surprise! They snagged a fantastic £336,277.60 for themselves.

It just goes to show, picking your next lucky lottery numbers by tapping into the universe using astrology might not be such a bad idea after all!

So, the next time you're reading the comic section of your newspaper, also check out your horoscope. Because, if your horoscope says, “…it is your lucky day”, who knows, that suggestion might not be a laughing matter.

How to choose your lucky horoscope numbers for zodiac based lottery picks

So, how do you go about discovering your Lucky Horoscope Numbers?

A quick internet search will reveal a multitude of sites offering lucky lottery numbers and random number generators based on your particular star sign. All you have to do is choose generate a sequence and choose the sequence that resonates with you.

I have a few favourite sites for choosing my lucky zodiac numbers and here's one of my favourites:

Now that you have your winning numbers it's time to take action... with Giant your lotto tickets are automatically claimed online and never expire.

5 Steps to Playing your Luck Horoscope Numbers

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  1. Go to our favourite online lucky horoscope number generator at
  2. Find your zodiac sign and click on "See my numbers" and copy the generated number
  3. Choose and click on one of the featured lottery images at the bottom of this article
  4. Insert your Lucky Horoscope Numbers into the lottery card
  5. Checkout your cart

A big win lies in your future... It is written in the stars!

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